Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The ODDcrew assembles as one of their own members follows his love to matrimony.

The groomsman, with their gray tuxes, matched the hazy day of the ceremony. The land was lush, expansive, and full of undergrowth and brush. There were Abita beverages and Texas' finest Bock for us that stood waiting.

The groom sported new boots. We were suited up and nibbling the sweet hors d'oeuvres.

I sat on the bride's families side. The flower girl did not drop a single petal as she tiptoed down the aisle. La Sweat was nervously awaiting a performance of the old hymn Blessed Assurance and as the best man entered and seated LT's proud parents, the realization struck, our grade school chum was a grownup.

I made squished up faces so as not to cry. I simply couldn't watch without feeling that a piece of myself was now engaged in the sanctity.

The love I see now is flooded with happiness and my face is the salty reminder.

I can't hide it.

Here's to the hopeless romantics...

Johnny Davis And The Arrows - The Love I See Now

Thursday, September 24, 2009

-The Alley
Between the streets, where stray cats dwell, Sir Truth and La Sweat know these shortcuts well.

Today's events produced the story of a man who kept giving. He gave it all away but found rewards much greater. He followed the signs when presented. He found himself at peace and at home.

The abandoned places are comforted by his presence. Both night and day are revealed. His ghost lingers in the places he walked.

Finality has disappeared.

The Unorthodox Path to Reality
-The Farm
Truth trudges through tiny spatters of rain on a green algae river; rowing and raving in hopes of a new motion picture.

The afternoon was all dark and cloudy. As the ominous winds rolled in we found a green brainy textured ball and began to play toss. The puddles were forming and the rain was a cleansing refreshment to our creative process.

"At 30frames/sec slowed down things can start to look pretty cool."

I later proved this at a much slower rate. The smell of poison DMT, Valentina, and garlic powder hit me all at once. The music was altered by pings and I was the speed of an underwater explorer with too much breathe and no memory of an experience like this before. Red laser beams guided me like a plane to the runway and I laughed for the madhouse that we had become. Outkast's living room had plopped into my lap; a yellow room with blue trim decorated by Andre and linearized like a bowling alley.

So many shots, so many visions, and so so many frames, but the story had all been lost
and the weather was disturbing our plans.

Next time: alley

Chuck Wilder - The Clown

Sunday, September 20, 2009

-The Train Station
As the cars go past, Truth takes his vision to the rails, once again hopping aboard a barreling caboose.

If I could board such a powerful vehicle, there was no telling the stories to come out of it. I would watch the tracks recede into the cityscape.

Each frame would be a projection of our moves in a flashback-like montage taken throughout the neighborhood. Moving like alley cats; covering ground, taking trails, and hopping fences. From our respective homes we would meet in a common ground.

If well executed, a masterpiece...

Deep City Band - Masterpiece

Have an idea for a shot or plot?
Leave a comment!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

-Eno River
Sir Truth returns the Eastern Box Turtle to its natural habitat and himself to an abandoned flock of fugstas.

I have been working on multiple projects, learning the inner workings of the world, and consequently making the effort not to compulsively replace the new with the old.
I have not forgotten about you although at times I prove so inadequately.

Here are some of the recent distractions:
a new animated audio video storyboard, the forum is being generated now!
mistaking shampoo for a bottle of mouthwash!
preparing for a performance at the grand opening of the new Durham skate park!
and of course, a career as a childcare specialist!

Since I feel a bit corny with the recent balancing act,

blue-eyed soul, comin' atcha

Dusty Springfield - Don't Forget About Me

Sunday, September 13, 2009

-Coffee House
Truth enters a tornado of elbow shoving, fist pumping, and moshing madness at an epic and final Tooth show.

Thoroughly entertaining and strenuous was the grip of heavy metal upon the audience. Shredding, whispering, trampling and occasionally joining the crowd for a swill of beer; the rate and frequency of Claw and Tooth were enough to keep even the lightest hearts pumped.

The old band teacher from Brogden, Guptill, was there earplugs and all. I was hoisted in an instant onto the shoulders of a Humalion and overtaken La Sweat. We thrashed and bumped and made enemies with those not engaged in enjoying themselves.

An encore was in order. A t-shirt was thrown to me. A nice assortment of beer was left unattended and I made the most of it.

The after party was a diverse crowd of Philadelphians, Durhamites, and base heads. Thinking I had escaped the heads, I left with a fellow whom I thought I could help carry his bottles.

I later found that he was using me for it and was, too, a basehead of sorts. I pointed him the direction of Walltown's nearest business and fixed a pita pizza to the sound of the morning birds.

Not bad exercise...

The Whatnauts - Only People Can Save The World

Friday, September 11, 2009

-East Campus
Sir Truth is scattered across the quad in little blue brains; a plot,
"to take over the world".

The same thing we do every night? More or less, yes, but this would be my warning of things to come. I kept careful documentation so the authorities would no who to hold responsible, and for Ebay's highest bidder some day.

If you see the calling card, know, I am not far.

I will soon be releasing a symbol for soul, at which point, the propaganda of love will lead them here as it has done to you. It is pleasing to have conceived of such a systematic approach to something 10 years in the making.

The ODDcrew, years ago, asserted itself as the area's trend setters and now the crown is in its place. A function of the systematic nature of our crew. It is a feeling like no other. So fine, I can't wait until next September.


Johnnie Taylor - It's September

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

-So far away
Truth creates a stencil in his own image; the result is more profound than time travel.

Loyalty to you is my greatest priority.
To remain, as always, predictably unpredictable.
The search has brought me closer to the identity of Soul.

I sat again in the living-room pyramid of ideas. Magazine stripping, Exact-o-knives and Sharpies, utensils in a plot of culture shape. Accordion, synthesized racket balls bouncing on sewer turtle shells were the pinging music .

Allow my words to represent my intentions.
This will enable our permanent success.
Otherwise this would just be another...

sad soul story

Jerry Butler - So Far Away

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

-Broad Street
Truth bids farewell to his Mid-grade lifestyle and revisits his career as educator.

Trinity and the funky dice rollers of Chunky Rice prepare an upcoming exhibit. A cauldron of ideas were percolating and the taste/ trend setters of the X generation were proving themselves.

True colors came out as Truth invented a new form of dap (a reverse explode on impact). The test reactions were quite favorable. As video game testers develop the new mind control software I had taken the liberty of forming some sophisticated applications. I will reveal upon copyright.

It is time for another open mic. This time we would be claiming our place in the Durham music scene.

Lee Dorsey - Riverboat

Monday, September 7, 2009

-Durham Bulls Athletic Park
Truth again goes against the grain; opting a laborious Labor Day.

Not too laborious. It was the last game of the Bulls' season before the playoffs, and even they had taken a slight vacation. I refrained my usual taunts and disturbing banter en lieu of my company and chose prime foul ball territory for seating.

Still waiting to hear from a number of prospects, both living and virtual, I reevaluating the mission of my efforts and the sums of all possible outcomes.

At first popularity was a mere social experiment. Now I find myself in the balance; a test of my being. It was the bottom of the 9th inning. I would not fold, strike out, or be balked.

I left as fans began rallying around the wave.

It is up to you,
the spectators,
the viewers,
the fans...

No need for introductions...
Reverend Al

Al Green - Jesus Is Waiting

Sunday, September 6, 2009

-State Employee's Credit Union
Sir Truth has shaken the cobwebs; back to ballin' on a budget and bloggin' as a business.

Queen Latifah's latest fragrance filled the air. I lifted my arms hoping to saturate some of the celebrity scent. What a display of greeting I must have been; a double wave, "hello".

A dime piece from highschool, Francine, had recognized me. She was still stunning but, better yet, she was wearing a TigerDirect shirt. It appeared that she was working for my favorite electronic goods suppliers.

Hard drives were all I could think of; the true spirit of a collector.

No, only HD would capture this girls beauty, but my surprise had gotten the best of me.

She was a mother to her one year old daughter.
Now is the time to teach her.
Listen baby...

King Curtis & the Kingpins - This Is Soul

Saturday, September 5, 2009

-Wallace Wade
Truth retraces the Devil's domain to find a sprinkle of soul in the stadium seats.

Ever since Drumline(2002) marching bands have commanded a greater respect. Such is hardly the case for the Blue Devils. Their band represents their student body and is, therefore, weak and timid.

I am a concessions connoisseur and have done a fair bit of vending in my time. My attitude is like a blank check; there is no extent to the concept of my own powers, especially at such a sporting event.

The perpetual underdog of Duke's football program didn't bode well for their chances, but watching the drama unfold was the story that I had come to see. If, and when they lost, I was eager to see the few remaining students' reactions.

The story of humility is a reoccurring theme in the ongoing sequel of soul.

Kip Anderson - Take It Like A Man

Friday, September 4, 2009

-14th St.
A documentary of the steepest hill in the steepest town of Virginia. Truth once conquered with astounding confidence but now retraces those steps to share with the world.

The camera cuts to:

A dog barking, the unkempt shoelaces of a young ruffian boarder, a porch angle...
The comments of the townspeople are both amusing and startling. The commentary of children on side streets portrays a hero.

Why we revisit these moments;
the terminal velocity to life,
or the maximum potential,

to make a man Legend.

The soundtrack will be soul.
The pieces are set, all parts prepared, I give you my story for the world to share.
With attention to detail and an ODD little flare our media power reaches almost anywhere.

We deliberate.
Upon the return of France's Cozmik Gangsta...

King Floyd - Handle With Care

Thursday, September 3, 2009

-Deep Soul Heaven
At the dark end of the street, your narrator appears. Where once the light of truth shone, now there is wisdom in the unseen.

Past Trinity's park into the one ways of Watts, arose a new view on soul, in which soulful recognition became altogether clear. Brown eyed, blue eyed, darkness, light, the comfort of good energy was a living entity.

Weaving little webs,
let the beads begin to gather.

Harmonic gems and impassioned bursts,
a samplers dream, if not for the drizzly serving of hot vocal butter.
Sounds like these are bound to attract attention;
smothered gravy biscuits in sweet soul syrup.

mm mmm...

Percy Sledge - The Dark End of the Street

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

-Saint Philips Episcopal
Truth, childcare specialist, trains tonight; bells will be ringing and organs will be playing.

The first of the month began with fireworks and sparklers but the morning after had a sobering start to an unforgettable Autumn. The Soul Scholars were pooling their powers and the modern soul movement was underway.

Sir Truth was in proper spirits.
He was going with the good gospel.
Strapping up his boots in search of the roots,

"Don't hesitate, don't make me wait."

Solomon Burke - Meet Me In Church
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