Saturday, April 17, 2010

the sun has set on a ghost of truth

Truth, Blazing a trail without the tears to the Emerald Forest where the Green-Rushers go.

Follow the crumbs on the path that I forged for the taste of frontier and a life in the moment. "We can never tell what lies ahead," but a destiny shimmers like a light at the end of a tunnel.

Did I follow the light? I awoke in the room where the patients pass on. The blinds had been closed and the clock had no time. Drips through the needles of sedative flowed with a strap just as tight as my hastened down gurney. My will being pulled down through slow intravenous. My only support was a blue Velcro sling.

Worried? No. Uncertain... Yes.

I tore off quicker than a band-aid but absorbed sun and fresh air for health and endorphins. My life has gone west. I am gone and I left you with something. My exit was well timed considering I am new and alive, my book has been closed, and the mystery of my legacy will linger like sweet fresh tobacco in the humid downtown air.

Home sweet home & I can't keep away

Appointments - Keep Away

Signing off 'til the leaves change color.
Sweet memories

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sir Truth is history...

Watts Elementary from Sven Ryelsdorn on Vimeo.

He has headed west; a promise far greater than gold. Scrambling for freedom in the spirit of the old rush, this neo-cowboy wanders the trail as far as the reaches of the Oregon stateline.

Rafino on the straight and narrows of Panama jungle, Cozmik & Tbaz breathing in a Parisian fairytale, and I living my own strange fantasy, ever knowing the footprints will someday lead back to you, the O.D.D.

This part of the journey will be documented a bit differently...

Please leave your footprints in the affectionate spaces below as I hope these songs, images, and memories will linger in my absence.

West ahoy!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


It's happening in Berlin...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

rise in the east/ set in the west

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thank you, Madison Ave., for an excuse to post the songs that have made humans such a grossly overpopulated specie.

Here are a few ballads made possible by Love in its infinite power.
Caution! These tracks contains extremely heartfelt content.
Listen with care.

Howard Tate - Get It While You Can

Joe Tex - That's The Way

Chuck Henley - Standing In The Need Of Love

I'll give these awhile to sink in with you soul babies.
Until next time, live, love life, and be free.

Galaxies Colliding

Greetings Sir Truth and fellow readers.  Follow the holy writ of CozmikGangsta here.

As members of ODDcrew begin missions to various parts of the world, now more than ever must they stand united.

Trek on, brothers.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another wintry composition separates snowfall from the blacktop.

Sir Truth has begun a pursuit of the foreign media outlets upon realizing that his door-to-door approach is minimally bleak. The local Indy may shed some light on our ODD's and ends; small stepping stones in the stream of the masses.

While Madison Avenue toils over their Day of Valentines I sit in the lap of love. Me and baby, baby and me, and what does it make me? The Godfather of Truth. Oh how the title has grown.

From my home to yours, a soul cut that pops, cracks, and, sizzles

breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Johnnie Taylor - Love In The Street

Monday, February 8, 2010

Why do the Gods of weather confound us so?

Truth hears the pleas of his people and has resolved to discuss the matter directly with the woman in charge. Mother Nature is not a vengeful woman nor does she experience the cyclical emotional offsets of her female progeny.

She is, however, experiencing the struggles of aging. The world turns, and bless her, she tries to keep up. She has given me some sound advice as to how she can be preserved in these late years and I agreed I would lend a hand.

Before the night is over I will have documented our encounter.
"Let me know if I come on too strong."

Joe Simon - Before The Night Is Over

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LiLa - Out With a Bang

a glimpse of ODDcrew

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Painting words and watching music with a finished film to make us proud.

The book of faces loves its newest short release. It happened so fast I never knew. The ground is white and the streets are sand slushy but a day ago we wore shorts and ran through the Durham like a gym routine.

I am sore and in need of some soul.

William Bell - Any Other Way

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Faster than a speeding locomotive & able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Sir Truth finds his greatest adversary in a race against himself. Bent on discovering the worlds driving force but only so far as his legs can deliver. His wiry frame is reduced to a blur under concrete statues that cower like skyscrapers. He is winded, restless, anxious, and unaware that his very own heart palpitates an answer to the most difficult question of all.

I finally got myself together; I know just who I am.

The Impressions - I'm A Changed Man

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Out with a Bang!

Sir Truth never abandoned you so much as he did himself.

At the dawn of the new decade it seemed the street prowling, ruffian of all faces had vanished. I remember signing a guest list as the ball plummeted in the direction of Earth. The ragtag lost & found generation had finally found some footing in the speakeasy of America's heartland, Durham.

A dream deferred is still a dream. I was still a dancer worthy of mustering the meanest mugs from onlooking hubbies. The ground still shakes under the beat of the never tiring Hammer. We had even been blessed with the gift of our Japanese friend from the other end of the Sidewalk.

I have spent an eternal wait hoping to find my own copy of this disco classic, but only Youtube will grant my fix for babyback bass and a voice like a baby Don Cornelius (just guessin').

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