Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The phrase, "ballin´on a budget" comes to mind.
Sir Truth´s stomach is as it always has been, bottomless and impervious to bacteria.

The cobblestone streets are flooded with everything. As the ascent from the Capitol began the misty blanket surrounding the volcanic face of the mountain was strangely comforting.

"It wants to rain" the people say, and I have no problems with that.

In order to outwit the many hazards of water, Sir Truth, uncharacteristically managed not to cut himself shaving. He also refrained the daily shower, splashes of water to the face, biting his cuticles, and worst of all accepted no ice cubes in his drink. Actually, he only drank beer; and was it cheap.

Rafino Aravac, trusty friend and tour guide, had already had a year to settle, but the energy of Sir Truth´s arrival was more than could be expected; he is far from a tourist.

The only trouble with the mountains of Guatemala may be the difficulty of taking them all in at once. Mountains always seem to block the view of other mountains, but luckily, Aravac had reserved the finest hostell in all of Antigua.

El gato negro (The Black Cat), beholds the grandest view of Mayan Mountains in all of Antigua. Aravac knew this and reserved a room almost on roof level. There we boarded up with spunky mates, Jemma and Leanne, two Brits that had made there way from the American west and were almost as thrilled as ourselves to be here.

Rafino dozed into ciesta as the sweet accents faded and my gaze once again returned to the volcanic halo atop the beautiful mountain.

James Brown- Out of the Blue

Monday, June 29, 2009

-Pool Side
A sound set to the tempo of firefly's.
Has Sir Truth found another way to warm the heart?
A student of observation, Sir Truth's life, is a constant exchange of experimental interaction.

Doubters of life question, What have I got control of?
"Fear not," I say. For the answer lies in you.

The answer, I am pleased to say, is as clear as your reflection. A reservoir of emotions has sprung its leak. Bursts of excitement and angst spill into the expressions of your narrator's face. New or old, near or far, nicotine or caffeine, the choices seem vastly limited, but Truth is,

"Life is like an RPG. The second time you play, it's never as fun."

Let's start all over again.

Tyrone Davis- Can I Change My Mind

Saturday, June 27, 2009

-Maple Wood
Last night Sir Truth defied all standards of modern performance.
Every word, every glance, and every gesture was a vicarious statement of Sir Truth in his most entertaining splendor.

Messages would be written in Sharpie, sweated away, and written again, just in hopes of recreating such a fantastic display of events and sounds.

Sponsored by Durty and the general ODD backing, things screeched to a start with the electric banjo killer. From Bull City Headquarters to the corner of Burch and Maple,
this finely tuned bicycle road on the loudest and craziest drum n bass/ banjo rhythms the ears of Sir Truth has ever beheld.

Between he, the surprise of a secret SuperVisions set, and the DPD, a good time was had by all.

Let the embers of yesterday persist until my return.
We will file last night away with all the other priceless ODD moments in our life.

Now it is little more than a dream,
but damn they felt it!

Mar-Keys- Last Night

Friday, June 26, 2009

-The Mid-grade Lifestyle
Sir Truth has dedicated his life to the profession of odd jobs. In many ways it is this profession that has allowed him to meet some of the interesting and amazing people in his life.

Odd jobs aren't always the best, but they allow one to create their own schedule, spontaneously and routine free.

Thus, the difficulty with odd jobs is: some plans tend to blend, others tend to disappear, and some become postponed. This is his gift and his curse.

Please don't feel trumped when another job takes precedent. Sometimes a man's got to do what a man's got to do. If I have made a mistake accept this apology, and know that in the long run, the Truth will set you free.

"If it's meant to be, it will be,"

but, if not, 'you can't blame me'...

Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr- You Can't Blame Me

Thursday, June 25, 2009

-Bright Leaf
To Sir Truth, the statement, 'All You Can Eat' is like a question of integrity. If you are like I, then we both share a certain, perpetually quenched, thirst for life. Sometimes satisfied with Portuguese soullabies or promenade strolls on cobblestone,
the boat arrived with an ocean canopy market.

Beer and Sushi are a satisfying combination.

The question, is not how much one can eat, but how much one can enjoy it.
There is no one more apt at enjoying life than Sir Truth; he has learned from the best. If such people do exist to surpass him, Truth will be the one to find them, and he will never tire or slow in his search. Even if it means intercontinental lengths.

See you in another time zone
space cowboy...

I love my home,
just need a change.

JJ Barnes- I Need a Change
-Turtle Hole
The crescent moon reflecting in ripples on a splish-splashing Eno River harmony surged the skinny dippers' blood.

Sir Truth is slick on a slippery rock but his duty to midnight's cool bath prompted his ceremonial lead. Chanting is common and primal but the essence of the water was captured by each clap and filled in with bouts of childish laughter.

When given the Dirty twist, camp always seems to impress an intimacy like no other. Gather round the flagpole, the farmhouse, or the fields, but watch out when trying to laugh and swim at the same time.

This one won't do either but it'll getchya tappin'.

King Curtis- Camp Meetin' (Harmonica Twist)

Monday, June 22, 2009

We were surrounded by modern marvels of dance. Expressionless bodies moving in separate togetherness. Some were attached, some were in lines, some were disguised behind mirrors, and some were hidden but it was everywhere.

Sir Truth was even bombarded in his sanctuary, the bathroom, where an unsuspecting dancer used each stall as a prop with which to produce rhythm.

Modern dance seems to have no regard for real rhythm. The recurrence of gyration and revolution are far from Sir Truth's understanding of dance but this ADF inspired event has had a profound effect on your faithful concierge.

Snowflakes scattered in spheres on stage mixed by the feet of the troop of Shen Wei.
The costumes and colors and figures entwined for a vision of Asia inspiring Sir Truth's first hand inspection.

Where this story ends, another begins, and as the sidewalk ends and we follow our friend to the Japanese countryside, I bring you another soul brother from the
'Oh So Infamous' ODD crew

Bobby Byrd- I Know You Got Soul

"Wallbanger, are you out there?"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

-Nearly New
In preparation for leaving the country Sir Truth has changed his image. I hope you will recognize him after his difficult transformation.

Why does your faithful Sir embark on such a journey? He has so many friends, fellows, and comrades, "True". Though it is hard to realize that a man of True stature does not come by his reputation falsely.

"The Style is Defiant!"

He doesn't just talk the talk, and from the outside looking in, one would assume him a self made success. This, my friends, is very hard to do. Sometimes distance makes the heart grow fonder, friends gotta gain space, in order to gather the oysters that life has to offer.

"The time has come", Sir Truth has said.
To talk of finer things, of trips, and snacks, and thrifty shops, of cabbages and kings.

Brother don't need no help, but don't playa hate on the hairdo, it's just a cover.

Lee Dorsey- Who's Gonna Help A Brother Get Further
-The Basement
Sir Truth relocates his sound.

Such a move can be unsettling, but this time is for the best. Though the few moments without winamp can manifest some slight anxiety. Truthfully, it makes me uneasy when I can't hear the perfect tune for the time.

While I listened to a pea peddling pal of mine play guitar this evening, I noticed his songs to sound quite sad. I, of course, wanted something a bit more my steez, ya feel?

It was troubling like Alice in Wonderland sense, which by the way, the pea peddler pleaded be played next. His request reminded me, just as his sad song did, both brought about bad memories.... oh bother

"Please" If you're going to play a song, "make it a happy one".

The Barons- Don't Play That Song

Thursday, June 18, 2009

-The Down Under
Some call it seedy but the questionable clientele give Sir Truth that extra bit of confidence.

This was to be his 3rd open-mic opportunity and Susan, Jamie, and Train were now becoming familiar with all of Truth's antics. He would either tell a joke...
All was success for the tandem on this night. As they closed out their set, other ODD members gathered.

A woman named Agnes even felt compelled to join them; now a newly formed trio as random as Sir Truth himself.

Leaving the regulars behind the flashing lights of our tax money showed up on a boy unfortunate enough to have chosen a bush for his bed pillow.
"Not tonight sonny."

When did humans start dictating the places where sleep is appropriate?

Why Sir Truth once fell asleep in the middle of South Miami Beach's busiest intersection.
He's a better person for it too.

I guess that's just how I feel.

The Soul Clan- That's How It Feels

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

-The Street
"No book or imagination that I have ever known could prepare me for the personality I was set to inherit."

No need to imagine, Sir Truth is real; and while he may be hard to find, his consistent unpredictably tends to keep him in the streets. He is a constant mover and his movements are regarded as a kind of swagger.

Walking in the direction of the dark end of the street, late night swagger influenced each step of my feet, and as I made it to the place of the West Knox Warriors, my inspiration for today's post appeared:

The Corner which multiple attempts at robbery against me have occurred.
Why had the assailants never been successful?
Sir Truth is quick, true, but the reason now struck me in a very different light,
the darkest light.

Perhaps nothing can be taken from someone whose invested in such a way as Sir Truth.
My advice, "diversify yo bonds." Your best insurance is not having anything, but
if you do feel the need to carry your valued possessions, besta watch out!

Arthur Conley- Stuff You Gotta Watch

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

-The Playhouse
Yesterday is a distant dream.
Sir Truth's first band practice felt so promising, but now, having sat in with the new drummer,
he could hear the sound of things to come.

Band practice is a funny thing. Sir Truth can sometimes be an over enthused musician. He gets ahead of himself often when assembling a group.
After expressing interest in so many musically inclined people, one can sometimes find themselves
overextended when the time for performing approaches.

Basically, I got some cats hyped and now I feel like a lying cheatin' dog that's been runnin' round
all over town.

If it's anything like the feeling of cheatin' on a woman, I want no part of it.

The performance is scheduled for the following weekend and the confrontation of artists will invariably ensue.
I'll be in the middle, caught, red handed.

I guess in a way...
makin' music is makin' love

Clarence Carter- I Got Caught Makin' Love

Monday, June 15, 2009

-Back Porchin' It
As your friend Sir Truth's mind wanders, fingers floating above the keys, the oddest of today's events appear in his memories.
Sir Truth is no faint heart but sometimes has been known for divergent thoughts...

While in my last moments of work I perused, with such confidence, holding the wheelchair in my tight grasp; the family stood round as I lowered him down a slight ramp toward the car in the driveway.

Unaware of the change in wheelchairs, and the different centers of balance, I lead this poor boy
to the edge of the walkway, consequently tipping him over, face first.
Sister was yelping, father was grunting, and mother kept reasonably cool; but my heart was racing for safety.

The chair's seat belt grew tighter and the look on this poor boy was discomforting to say the least.

Luckily, yours truly, did not seriously injure his patient and the family may someday forget.

I, on the other hand, am still a bit traumatized by the absentminded mistake; nearly letting a friend's life slip out of my hands, practically made my blood run cold.
Forgive, forget, relax and reminisce...

Ike Turner- She Made My Blood Run Cold

Sunday, June 14, 2009

-The Summer House
A brief reflection of the night's events
After wetting our pallets at the faithful Fed. your companions, in typical fashion, began to discuss life and all its glorious mystery.
"How does a schizophrenic have better luck with women than me?"
asked my better half.
"He's got a job." Responds Sir Truth
Not to worry.
These posts will suffice for employment, as long as we have you, our trusty viewer.

However, it raises a difficult question,
"Why have women become incapable of properly initiating romantic inclinations?"

My inspiration for this post comes from the Nubian Princesses; that's right, my Soul Sistas.

They may be the only hope left for a man too lazy and apathetic (like myself) to approach the fine women he sees.
Dig this!

Charlie Whitehead- I Dig Black Girls

Saturday, June 13, 2009

-Dirty Durham
This story begins in our backyard and takes us to Guatemala and beyond.
"Rufino Airvac, are you out there?"
In order to bring you the realest sounds, our field experts are located round the globe, ready and waiting to beam us back their experiences through music and written word (dirty taste included).

Renaldo Domino- I'll Get you Back

see you space cowboy....

Friday, June 12, 2009

This is the Beginning......
from all corners of the earth let our stories be heard.


Bill Brandon- Self Preservation
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