Sunday, December 20, 2009

-Lonely Mansion
Sir Truth watches the slushy snow drifts build.

Throwing slush balls at the occasional car on Gregson.
A sickly dog in the basement a senseless zombie only conscious of smell. Dragging its matted fur limbs in a circle of death.

The chandeliers hang low and the many remotes are indecipherable. A small robot cleans the floors in an organized chaos that no human could plan for or understand.
The holiday parties are singing their carols and drinking their mulled ciders and nogs. I clutch a champagne of beers, hardly a celebration, but a good place to begin.

Evil is not the only one who seeks company.
So much room for thoughts to live; a basement, veranda, foyer, garage, empty without my presence and energy. A ghost would not seek the kind of solitude in which I find myself.

The space is like a chair with no one for sitting; a park with no kids, or a castle without its king.

JJ Barnes -Snowflakes

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'tis the season..

Johnny Adams - Please Come Home For Christmas

Thursday, November 26, 2009

mmm... just a relish gravy dream.. melted between soppy sweet taters.

Laura Lee - Two Lovely Pillows

Holiday Hibernations from a Humbled Humbug

Monday, November 16, 2009

-The Joyce
Truth and La Sweat receive their payback in the order of an open ended bar tab.

We were there, by ourselves, waiting to have a go. Too old to be young and too young to be old. Our repertoire grew and our contacts did too; soon the famous unknown would be ours. The ears of isosceles had paid their respect and the lost souls were finding their meeting point.

Ibsen once wrote, "The strongest man in the world is the man who stands most alone."
The oddballs, lost souls, and dreamers alike are all gathered in collective isolation. Like the ODDcrew, spread on the map, once again to find ourselves in,
"this hailstorm of emotions called companionship!"

Carvin & Cliff part deux

Bobby Thurston - Foolish Man

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More music, less words, ODDviewers happy...

Chi-Lites - There Will Never Be Peace

This comfortable classic made for the highlight of Jay-Z's career (his false retirement stunt on the Black Album)
Note* Truth digs the Reasonable Doubt and Hard Knock vol. II

Candi Staton - Sure As Sin

Candi is a queen in her own right but was wed to the king himself, Clarence Carter.

Bobby Womack - Fly Me To The Moon

Unable to retrieve the version with blasting horn refrain but still a classic cut

Darker Shades Of Black - And Then You Came

Soul Scholar, Sir Shambling, still seeks info on this cut. Hope it reaches the right ears. I still have a lot to learn...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Truth slices the proverbial ribbon with Mayor Bell and 600 kids at the foot an excellent kicker!

Youtube has begun to surface footage of kids taking their very first runs on the park. The question on everyone's mind: where are the prizes? Having participated in the event; it felt only natural to receive a nominal compensation.

Perhaps free passes, an interview with a Troika representative, maybe even a free deck was in order. None were to be found. It is as the saying goes, "When you do something right no one remembers."

That said, thanks to Morgan (our Bookie who skated during sets), JFatz (the self proclaimed local celebrity), and The Wigg Report (especially the percussionist), for keeping the balance when the going was tough.

Eric Chen with photos and video soon!

Schiller Street Gang - Remind Me

Thursday, November 5, 2009

-Meyers Park
Truth stands, rake in hand, as the wind blows and the pile of leaves continues to grow.

On the other side of the Piedmont, student Fellows, begins the laborious task of film editing. The aesthetic director of the group has been given the task of materializing a collective vision.

While back at home, the Mid-grade Lifestyle has become a self fulfilling prophecy; lost with the beat of no drum and no drummer. How will Troika respond?

So many questions
so little time...

Question Marks - Ain't That Sad

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Art House

Imagine a place where creativity and passion flow freely.  Where ideas are discussed at the breakfast table then implemented in the day's activities.  

Imagine a setting where painters paint, sculptors sculpt and writers write.  Artistic minds push and challenge one another to think in new exciting ways.  

This is the reality.  This is Berlin.  It begins in two days.  

All are invited.  The only requirement - you must create.  

Charles Wright And The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Express Yourself

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Celebrating the Prince of Darkness and the 23rd year of Truth.

I was a lunch-lady serving up sweets. The block was a bustle with ghouls and ghosts. Some were in costume and some were not. Kids from the 'hood' came by car

The scene was set to the sounds of heavily distorted guitar and a smoke machine filled the air with uncertainty. The engine block overheated on a passing van and they too conveyed a fearful cloud of smoke. Swarms, drones, hoards all came and went; some made multiple attempts at the treats but I never forget a Frankenstein.

Once the young had been put away, the elders commenced and continued to play. A piñata was fashioned in the Devils likeness and hung up by the horns to be bashed. A fire was lit to the eyes of the enormous target as people attempted to knock it down. They took turns swinging swords; blindfolded and intoxicated. I retrieved the airplane bottles of liquor they knocked loose.

Nearby two baboons attempted an ice luge shot without realizing they were pouring the precious Jägermeister down the wrong slot. I, as the lunch-lady, took the liberty of crashing every event I was made aware of and poured a little sizzurp out for the homies I didn't get a chance to see.

Well wishes homies,
and Shouts to Saudi Soulsters,

Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude

Saturday, October 24, 2009

-The Marvell
Truth books the headline performance of a lifetime; with but one attendee: the phantom of the forgotten event center.

The fliers bore our name and the room echoed our energy.
Not phased by the pressure of our own awareness, the fact that we were alone, or the the dank and daunting task of an empty smokey dive.

We were the tree falling in the forest with no ear to witness.

Yes, we made a sound.

Whatever has distracted you from your paradise must be special, my sights are set on your distant Madagascan coast. *Welcome Antananarivo!*
Any soulful solicitations?

Irma Thomas - We Won't Be In Your Way Anymore

Thursday, October 22, 2009

To the Kingdom

The pitter patter of the autumn rain makes for good naps on the couch, but the CozmikGangsta yearns again for summer siestas in the park.

The crisp fall has turned the palace where he spends most of his time into a multicolor wonderland of reds, browns and yellows as the Grand Canal extends off into the misty distance.

The skivies are washed and the backpack loaded, as the Gangsta prepares to take the underwater train to London for some business, but mostly pleasure.

Pints, pubs and picture taking are all on the agenda as CozmikGangsta looks forward to spending time with his family and friends that rule from across the Channel.

King Hannibal - I Got That Will

Monday, October 19, 2009

-Valley Springs
Truth and his crew in a cool fall forest; aimed at the chains, discs sailing freely, into the basket, the ching of perfect alignment.

Skipping was a game then and nature was an excuse.
Knowledge philosophized this way as the innuendo of life, love, and the shot for all glory were captured by the essence of each hole ahead. To think Rafino is still playing in the tea fields; a place where discs are thrown, never to be found again...

A hole in one to your eardrum!

James Brown - People Get Up And Drive Your Funky Soul

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Out with the old

On a slow Saturday mornin' the sunlight sheds it's rays across heavy eyelids, a reminder to come back into this reality. New people from all walks of life can be found here, and only in a day's time I'm sure to be embedded in the midst of them.

A fellow tea master will now find his life and place in that world rafino left so long ago. If he must leave us, he will do so with the memory of a night of glory. So a throwdown ensues, gathering friend and foe alike, for a one night masquerade. As rafino dawns the light saber, he can only hope that the years of training have prepared him for this.

May the force be with you all...

Friday, October 16, 2009

-The Crib
New developments in the ODD infrastructure: Withholding the test of time.

We have been scattered across the globe for some time now. A number of us managed to find our way back to the place that we know; but for what? Have none of us found the utopia for which we set out to discover?

Ironically, I find no greater security than the dangerous Durham streets, but why? I am losing my sentiments in return for more sentiments as my window of attachment shrinks and my consciousness expands ever daily.

Who of us can proclaim a perfect land?
I will not hesitate to go...

Mandrill - House Of Wood

Think tank engaged

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Into The Fray

From across the pond streaks the CozmikGangsta, jumping into the stream of conciousness perpetuated by his peers. The weather maybe turning colder, but the arrival of LaSweat in the early morning hours of tomorrow is sure to heat things up. With his guitar in tow, the Gangsta may dust off the ol' motion picture camera and try to muster a little magic.

The bike life has been good for the Cozmik One he ponders returning to the old world for more. While the land of cheese and wine is fruitful, he's excited for the grit and grime only a place like the Durty can offer. The artistic community and collaboration he longs for exists in the neighborhoods and local spots which remain unseen to the casual passerby.

With whispers of Central America on the wind, the CozmikGangsta ponders his next move, but is certain that he wants nothing more than to log some down time AND be productive in his portal with those he knows and trusts.

Johnnie Taylor - Rome (Wasn't Built In A Day)

Monday, October 5, 2009

-Smith Level Road
A suggestion of partnerships has been brought to the basement table.

This forum of sound and inspiration stands has only begun to show its strength. First a conquest of cyberspace, then onto a surface that no man can safely own, property.
It gets no more real than the real estate game. Bids, outbids, tax leans, and loans. Blackford and son are just what the clerk appointed attorney ordered.

Our old residence is making moves on our territory but they know not how deep we roll.
On the steps of the county courthouse, I will attend the auction to decide how soon ODDcrew will have its official headquarters.

On another note, the whispers have bridged the Atlantic divide.
CozmikGangsta has arrived; and more will follow in his footsteps.
The resurgence of life has prompted a special auditory compliment...

ODDcrew through the looking glass

The Hollies - Reflections Of A Time Long Past

Sunday, October 4, 2009

-Phoenix 10
The warm Autumn sun was shining brightly, but Sir Truth knew, there was a chance of meatballs.

Watching the wheels go round. The duo rolled North past the faithful Biscuitville packin' candy and flannel in preparation for a cold theater experience. Yesterday the duo hit Main St. to hear Weezer covers and girls dressed in Bavarian Beer get ups.

Certain things are far better on the big screen. Although there has been a severe decline in the quality of animated films since the buyout of Pixar the sheer visual spectacle is always achieved on a big screen. Soon, ODDcrew hopes to incorporate the technology of a 360` dome projector, for a truly surrounding and captivating experience.

These days one can walk around and find talent exploding from every orifice.
It is very hard to stand out in this age.
I'll just go to a simpler time.

The Majestic Arrows - Going To Make A Time Machine

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The ODDcrew assembles as one of their own members follows his love to matrimony.

The groomsman, with their gray tuxes, matched the hazy day of the ceremony. The land was lush, expansive, and full of undergrowth and brush. There were Abita beverages and Texas' finest Bock for us that stood waiting.

The groom sported new boots. We were suited up and nibbling the sweet hors d'oeuvres.

I sat on the bride's families side. The flower girl did not drop a single petal as she tiptoed down the aisle. La Sweat was nervously awaiting a performance of the old hymn Blessed Assurance and as the best man entered and seated LT's proud parents, the realization struck, our grade school chum was a grownup.

I made squished up faces so as not to cry. I simply couldn't watch without feeling that a piece of myself was now engaged in the sanctity.

The love I see now is flooded with happiness and my face is the salty reminder.

I can't hide it.

Here's to the hopeless romantics...

Johnny Davis And The Arrows - The Love I See Now

Thursday, September 24, 2009

-The Alley
Between the streets, where stray cats dwell, Sir Truth and La Sweat know these shortcuts well.

Today's events produced the story of a man who kept giving. He gave it all away but found rewards much greater. He followed the signs when presented. He found himself at peace and at home.

The abandoned places are comforted by his presence. Both night and day are revealed. His ghost lingers in the places he walked.

Finality has disappeared.

The Unorthodox Path to Reality
-The Farm
Truth trudges through tiny spatters of rain on a green algae river; rowing and raving in hopes of a new motion picture.

The afternoon was all dark and cloudy. As the ominous winds rolled in we found a green brainy textured ball and began to play toss. The puddles were forming and the rain was a cleansing refreshment to our creative process.

"At 30frames/sec slowed down things can start to look pretty cool."

I later proved this at a much slower rate. The smell of poison DMT, Valentina, and garlic powder hit me all at once. The music was altered by pings and I was the speed of an underwater explorer with too much breathe and no memory of an experience like this before. Red laser beams guided me like a plane to the runway and I laughed for the madhouse that we had become. Outkast's living room had plopped into my lap; a yellow room with blue trim decorated by Andre and linearized like a bowling alley.

So many shots, so many visions, and so so many frames, but the story had all been lost
and the weather was disturbing our plans.

Next time: alley

Chuck Wilder - The Clown

Sunday, September 20, 2009

-The Train Station
As the cars go past, Truth takes his vision to the rails, once again hopping aboard a barreling caboose.

If I could board such a powerful vehicle, there was no telling the stories to come out of it. I would watch the tracks recede into the cityscape.

Each frame would be a projection of our moves in a flashback-like montage taken throughout the neighborhood. Moving like alley cats; covering ground, taking trails, and hopping fences. From our respective homes we would meet in a common ground.

If well executed, a masterpiece...

Deep City Band - Masterpiece

Have an idea for a shot or plot?
Leave a comment!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

-Eno River
Sir Truth returns the Eastern Box Turtle to its natural habitat and himself to an abandoned flock of fugstas.

I have been working on multiple projects, learning the inner workings of the world, and consequently making the effort not to compulsively replace the new with the old.
I have not forgotten about you although at times I prove so inadequately.

Here are some of the recent distractions:
a new animated audio video storyboard, the forum is being generated now!
mistaking shampoo for a bottle of mouthwash!
preparing for a performance at the grand opening of the new Durham skate park!
and of course, a career as a childcare specialist!

Since I feel a bit corny with the recent balancing act,

blue-eyed soul, comin' atcha

Dusty Springfield - Don't Forget About Me

Sunday, September 13, 2009

-Coffee House
Truth enters a tornado of elbow shoving, fist pumping, and moshing madness at an epic and final Tooth show.

Thoroughly entertaining and strenuous was the grip of heavy metal upon the audience. Shredding, whispering, trampling and occasionally joining the crowd for a swill of beer; the rate and frequency of Claw and Tooth were enough to keep even the lightest hearts pumped.

The old band teacher from Brogden, Guptill, was there earplugs and all. I was hoisted in an instant onto the shoulders of a Humalion and overtaken La Sweat. We thrashed and bumped and made enemies with those not engaged in enjoying themselves.

An encore was in order. A t-shirt was thrown to me. A nice assortment of beer was left unattended and I made the most of it.

The after party was a diverse crowd of Philadelphians, Durhamites, and base heads. Thinking I had escaped the heads, I left with a fellow whom I thought I could help carry his bottles.

I later found that he was using me for it and was, too, a basehead of sorts. I pointed him the direction of Walltown's nearest business and fixed a pita pizza to the sound of the morning birds.

Not bad exercise...

The Whatnauts - Only People Can Save The World

Friday, September 11, 2009

-East Campus
Sir Truth is scattered across the quad in little blue brains; a plot,
"to take over the world".

The same thing we do every night? More or less, yes, but this would be my warning of things to come. I kept careful documentation so the authorities would no who to hold responsible, and for Ebay's highest bidder some day.

If you see the calling card, know, I am not far.

I will soon be releasing a symbol for soul, at which point, the propaganda of love will lead them here as it has done to you. It is pleasing to have conceived of such a systematic approach to something 10 years in the making.

The ODDcrew, years ago, asserted itself as the area's trend setters and now the crown is in its place. A function of the systematic nature of our crew. It is a feeling like no other. So fine, I can't wait until next September.


Johnnie Taylor - It's September

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

-So far away
Truth creates a stencil in his own image; the result is more profound than time travel.

Loyalty to you is my greatest priority.
To remain, as always, predictably unpredictable.
The search has brought me closer to the identity of Soul.

I sat again in the living-room pyramid of ideas. Magazine stripping, Exact-o-knives and Sharpies, utensils in a plot of culture shape. Accordion, synthesized racket balls bouncing on sewer turtle shells were the pinging music .

Allow my words to represent my intentions.
This will enable our permanent success.
Otherwise this would just be another...

sad soul story

Jerry Butler - So Far Away

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

-Broad Street
Truth bids farewell to his Mid-grade lifestyle and revisits his career as educator.

Trinity and the funky dice rollers of Chunky Rice prepare an upcoming exhibit. A cauldron of ideas were percolating and the taste/ trend setters of the X generation were proving themselves.

True colors came out as Truth invented a new form of dap (a reverse explode on impact). The test reactions were quite favorable. As video game testers develop the new mind control software I had taken the liberty of forming some sophisticated applications. I will reveal upon copyright.

It is time for another open mic. This time we would be claiming our place in the Durham music scene.

Lee Dorsey - Riverboat

Monday, September 7, 2009

-Durham Bulls Athletic Park
Truth again goes against the grain; opting a laborious Labor Day.

Not too laborious. It was the last game of the Bulls' season before the playoffs, and even they had taken a slight vacation. I refrained my usual taunts and disturbing banter en lieu of my company and chose prime foul ball territory for seating.

Still waiting to hear from a number of prospects, both living and virtual, I reevaluating the mission of my efforts and the sums of all possible outcomes.

At first popularity was a mere social experiment. Now I find myself in the balance; a test of my being. It was the bottom of the 9th inning. I would not fold, strike out, or be balked.

I left as fans began rallying around the wave.

It is up to you,
the spectators,
the viewers,
the fans...

No need for introductions...
Reverend Al

Al Green - Jesus Is Waiting

Sunday, September 6, 2009

-State Employee's Credit Union
Sir Truth has shaken the cobwebs; back to ballin' on a budget and bloggin' as a business.

Queen Latifah's latest fragrance filled the air. I lifted my arms hoping to saturate some of the celebrity scent. What a display of greeting I must have been; a double wave, "hello".

A dime piece from highschool, Francine, had recognized me. She was still stunning but, better yet, she was wearing a TigerDirect shirt. It appeared that she was working for my favorite electronic goods suppliers.

Hard drives were all I could think of; the true spirit of a collector.

No, only HD would capture this girls beauty, but my surprise had gotten the best of me.

She was a mother to her one year old daughter.
Now is the time to teach her.
Listen baby...

King Curtis & the Kingpins - This Is Soul

Saturday, September 5, 2009

-Wallace Wade
Truth retraces the Devil's domain to find a sprinkle of soul in the stadium seats.

Ever since Drumline(2002) marching bands have commanded a greater respect. Such is hardly the case for the Blue Devils. Their band represents their student body and is, therefore, weak and timid.

I am a concessions connoisseur and have done a fair bit of vending in my time. My attitude is like a blank check; there is no extent to the concept of my own powers, especially at such a sporting event.

The perpetual underdog of Duke's football program didn't bode well for their chances, but watching the drama unfold was the story that I had come to see. If, and when they lost, I was eager to see the few remaining students' reactions.

The story of humility is a reoccurring theme in the ongoing sequel of soul.

Kip Anderson - Take It Like A Man

Friday, September 4, 2009

-14th St.
A documentary of the steepest hill in the steepest town of Virginia. Truth once conquered with astounding confidence but now retraces those steps to share with the world.

The camera cuts to:

A dog barking, the unkempt shoelaces of a young ruffian boarder, a porch angle...
The comments of the townspeople are both amusing and startling. The commentary of children on side streets portrays a hero.

Why we revisit these moments;
the terminal velocity to life,
or the maximum potential,

to make a man Legend.

The soundtrack will be soul.
The pieces are set, all parts prepared, I give you my story for the world to share.
With attention to detail and an ODD little flare our media power reaches almost anywhere.

We deliberate.
Upon the return of France's Cozmik Gangsta...

King Floyd - Handle With Care

Thursday, September 3, 2009

-Deep Soul Heaven
At the dark end of the street, your narrator appears. Where once the light of truth shone, now there is wisdom in the unseen.

Past Trinity's park into the one ways of Watts, arose a new view on soul, in which soulful recognition became altogether clear. Brown eyed, blue eyed, darkness, light, the comfort of good energy was a living entity.

Weaving little webs,
let the beads begin to gather.

Harmonic gems and impassioned bursts,
a samplers dream, if not for the drizzly serving of hot vocal butter.
Sounds like these are bound to attract attention;
smothered gravy biscuits in sweet soul syrup.

mm mmm...

Percy Sledge - The Dark End of the Street

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

-Saint Philips Episcopal
Truth, childcare specialist, trains tonight; bells will be ringing and organs will be playing.

The first of the month began with fireworks and sparklers but the morning after had a sobering start to an unforgettable Autumn. The Soul Scholars were pooling their powers and the modern soul movement was underway.

Sir Truth was in proper spirits.
He was going with the good gospel.
Strapping up his boots in search of the roots,

"Don't hesitate, don't make me wait."

Solomon Burke - Meet Me In Church

Monday, August 31, 2009

-Web Hustle
Luck be a lad named Truth tonight.

The reports are in and it seems that these posts, if invested properly, will pay for the new clean air tax; breathe lightly. A careful investigation of the world's most influential blogs has taught me a valuable lesson: everyone has their niche.

Webster had his walk, Xu Jinglei had her kittens, and I now carry my torch into the depths of the human soul.

With Algernon, back in the Queen City, it was now up to me to reach the people.
Soul searching is a funny thing; who out there would think such words, characters, or insight would translate across the plane of human existence?

I myself am skeptical; but when words have no meaning,
music will just have to do.

The Dells - Does Anybody Know I'm Here!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

- Eleanor on Riggsbee
The way an ODD block party was meant to be held: local beer, local food, and local music; all in the street.

The youth skated past to the sounds of Selector BC's funky vinyl. Mike P's trombone and fixed gear completed the panorama of Durham behind us. The sun setting behind the glass skyscraper was something out of rock dream.

Durham Central Park was on the horizon; I imagined how beautiful it would be.

Cask ale and curiosity flooded the streets with our sound and babies began to dance.
Even the D.P.D was seen tapping their toes to the rhythm.

ODDcrew's recent success needs a calling card but Sir Truth hesitates.

Why you ask? Even great success meets adversity.

The youth hung around in shadows until the crowds had dispersed and hoped to help in polishing the casks. We brought our celebration up and to the roof. There were gardens and grandeur, but as Sir Truth found a comfortable seat and conversation, he also found one of his mother's co-workers.

She promptly demanded our exit and no words would sway her.

"You're very charming, but don't sweet talk me!" she said, sternly.

Maybe next year..

Marvin Holmes & the Uptights - Sweet Talk

Friday, August 28, 2009

-Anderson Ave
Echoes colliding in split level space; a parade, with La sweat, as the conductor.

My head ached for earplugs. Skulls were melting but no neighbors complained. We felt no feedback and struggled to interpret the meaning of our endeavors.

'Lakewood is New Durham'

One more chance before hitting Riggsbee's street corner and engaging the public.
I'll be there to document. Who knows where we'll be tomorrow?

Archie Walker - A Change Is Near

Thursday, August 27, 2009

-BK Whopper
Truth set out with many errands in mind, but cycling and water aerobics are quickly canceled by one BK buy one get one free coupon.

It is my guiltiest pleasure. It is a meal that guarantees a lazy sleep coma. Yet, even knowing its affects, when my change purse jingles I know it is BK that satisfies me.

For dessert, the Carolina Chocolate Drops played in the Historic Tobacco District, and Tyler's tap served the finest PBR.

These Durham habits are hard to break...

The Webs - So Hard To Break A Habit

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chunky Rice and a Biscuit when the funky dice get rolled on a Truth appearance.

Two blocks of Trinity held two worlds of chill. The strange sound that left my mouth for the entrance of a bewildered birthday girl was frightful. The barefoot of Summer was dark from the dirty glass speckled streets.

'Our collaboration was the all seeing eye sitting on a symmetrical triangle.'

This night had taken all the college kids, and left me.
It left me for someone new.
Shadows followed me and owls perched
with bad omens.

Are we in the same boat?

Bobby Blue Bland - Rockin' In The Same Boat

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

-Tumble Bus vs Bookmobile
Truth's announcement of a music video hosted in Durham has local vendors and actors jumping at the chance to make their appearance.

The date has been set for mid/late December and already young talent is coming out in support. Difficult decisions lay ahead in choosing the perfect locations to represent the ODD essence. We, ODDcrew, invite all ideas and suggestions as to how we can represent, tastefully, the land and life that we love.

Connections have been established with the Durham County Public Library and the original TUMBLEBUS. Both offer incredible possibility as we at ODDcrew create the storyboard for our first combined effort.

The Library originally struck us as the perfect place to throw a loud party and, of course, the Bookmobile has been a staple of on-the-go reading since '96. On the other hand, TUMBLEBUS is a gym on wheels filled with fun equipment.

This is all very exciting but the difficult part will be offering the proposal to these respected businesses and allowing them to see the positive publicity that it will generate.

Do you treat all your aspiring artists this way?
You'll be hearing from us,
any day now...

Chuck Jackson - Any Day Now

Saturday, August 22, 2009

-Yoh Football Center
Sir Truth finds long lost DJ Mundizzle and musters up a hot plate with all the fixings.

Mundizzle is a beacon of positivity. When his words echoed across Wallace Wade Stadium a happiness within me awoke. We exchanged laughs and fond memories in Durham's dusky drizzle. Finally it was determined that carrot cake and collard greens on Knox was the next logical step.

The family received Mundizzle with great excitement absorbing him in deep discussions.

Old friend, I hope to see you again,
on a Saturday night.

Eddie Floyd - On A Saturday Night

Thursday, August 20, 2009

-The Armory
Durham, Be Easy, Sir Truth will always support you in any endeavor.

Late August marks the storm season in NC, but rain or shine, the talent will precipitate Durham's Hip Hop/ Jazz/ Funk movement.

A long day of squeezing key limes hasn't made me bitter.
Although the recent disappearance of a local group from has risen some suspicion in the community, mentions and murmurs of the mysterious LiLa group are growing, and some have speculated a dramatic return at the 3 Boys & Beers event on Aug 29th.

Sir Truth will remain vigilant and capture all that beats through the heart of these Durham streets.

It's not a job or a mission;
it is his sole duty, why?
it's gotta be the love...

Bobby Womack - What Is This

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

-The Dentist
Sir Truth's Piña Colada flavored, topical anesthetic, proves no match for the pain of emerging wisdom in an already infected and inflamed gum.

Dr. Z proceeded with extreme complacency while injecting me with purple. My tongue thrashed, the Eagles' "take it easy" sent disgusting waves of pain through my senses, and I was uninsured for the cost of the unbearable discomfort.

Soul be my medicine...

Ben E King - It's All Over

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

-George Watts Playground
Sir Truth takes to the jungle gym and monkey bars of his old alma mater only to find that they have been replaced.

It was a much needed break from the bustle of job search 2009; yes, it's been difficult enough to earn itself a title. Sir Truth never bore the face of failure and today, if he could help it, would not be the first to tarnish his record.

The heat was on, the humidity high, and the sun was beaming in the Piedmont plains. The Bull City is a frenzy of applicants with references, recommendations, and reasons for deserving a piece of that well known pie.

A school teaching emcee already exists, but those are just the first two skills on my list. Some say it's about who you know. I'll let you decide because if it were based on musical tastes we know who'd be the most qualified.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” said Coelho in the Alchemist.

Truth won't stop until the universe bends,
and his speakeasy juke joint hosts all of his friends,
maybe, just maybe, but until then...

Donny Hathaway - Giving Up

Monday, August 17, 2009

-Durham Bulls Athletic Park
Sir Truth in the batting cage hits producer's pitches.

Fingers crossed for foul balls, rain holds off in the grass seats, and ol' Wool-E tosses T's at the spectators, maybe someone will throw the fastest pitch and score a free Upton jersey, who knows.

For me, the choice was clear, postpone freedom and lock myself into the music. Search the soul and find the rhyme. I've got the energy if you've got the time. The inaudible sound of a dude with a kids meal crown, proud to be the king of something, somewhere.

The new plan for rediscovery was a leap into the past. A Beach Boys sort of nostalgia that we could only find in our own field of dreams. The old ball park was the place to start and we went to find some ghost or spirit for a sign.

We decided to improvise.
That lead to this,
press play,
& listen

The Rising Sun - Do What You're Doin'

Saturday, August 15, 2009

-The King's Daughters
Sir Truth sees the reflections of love in his brother's eyes.

An engagement party catered by Bojangle's; love and care are the ingredients to any soul food dish. The best man was true to form and the bride to be was beaming.

The Triangle's finest was flowing and the families fraternized like old friends. Left to his own devices, Truth engaged in the pleasant presence of his peers parents, and found that he was more prepared than usual to answer some of their difficult questions of life.

The groom sent us off, into the night, holding a bucket of ice.
Clutched fists came in to explode on impact.

"Bitches", we whispered, for what seemed like the monumental dap of our departure.

Get 'em LT

Ronnie Taylor - Without Love

Friday, August 14, 2009

Truth has found his Supervision.

A farewell show for the group of the people marked the beginning of something new.
Talk of a film was in the air. Young faces turn feverish at the thought. Simply mention the words, "Book Mobile....", and watch the reactions.

I had spread it on thin this time; the fabric of truth was being patched and hymned, and the ideas were flowing by the 40.

Generations came and went, and there I was, smilin'.

The Meters - Darling Darling Darling

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

-North Gate
Truth retraces the fond memories of middle school with a walk down Biscuitville lane.

I was looking for DJ ADDikt and his posse; floating through the sweet stands and kiosks, until finding my childhood baker, Mrs. Fields. She had been in every storefront and was now setting up shop at the Cinnamonster.

O' the unappreciated. The mall was never about the shops; it was about the people, the ones that no one noticed. The ghosts of the retail world and the spirits of the material realm.

Where once, there were grunge kids waxing curbs, now there were movie theaters and moon bounces. Rent-a-cops never had it so easy.

I'd rather the old way,

but call me crazy...

O.V. Wright - I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled, and Crazy

Friday, August 7, 2009

-Faculty Club
Like the first day of Summer, Truth makes his splash, and the ripples go on.

The family's grown in many ways. Sometimes we were together for the sake of the family unit. The philosophy of One and a systematic world were all the reality we needed back then. Now the world that surrounds us is not the nurturing place that we grew up in.

The function and the frequency with which we see and hear from one another isn't quite the same. No cellphones, skypes, texts, or letters could reach me until now, but today it all changes. I'm back on my grind, back in the street, back to the heartbeat of the O.D.D.

Sir Truth is an uncle, Rich is still a mom, McSip is now a Godmother, and a unit that once seemed unbreakable bears a much greater weight. I'm here brothers and sisters. Truth will not abandon the friendships, nor the families, that took good care of him in direst of times.

No longer living in my childhood home, I look back to the days of the early Knox St. Knuckleheads and wonder, did our parents know?

If so, now, is our chance to return the favor...

Jackie Wilson- To Be Loved
-The Cradle
Truth and Soul are one in the same.

A sold out show leaves Fellows outside but a scalper arrives and solves everything.
Hip Hop is not to be defined but an event such as this, deserves some explanation. From Kazi, to the Justus League, Big Pooh and beyond, the party kept rolling and the reciprocation grew.

A performance twenty years in the making; De La was more than ready.

"De La Soul is not dead I know because I'm De La 4 Life," were the words written on one woman's shirt. She was pulled on stage and once the roar of the crowd had begun Plug One made a participatory competition between the venue's two sides.

"This side is Hip Hop!" he yelled.

We later came face to face and we all circled round to dance, pump fists, dap each other, and place silly hats atop his head. The DJ was robotic. The scene was a typical Chapel Hill sort of weird. The set was followed by an encore, more photo opportunities, water, and an appearance from one of the Jungle Brothers.

All too exciting,
now for soul,
and sleep...

James Crawford- Strung Out
-Life & Science: the science of life
Truth and others pose as the Murphy household to unveil a natural world within a concrete jungle.

Episcopalian Church interview: With handkerchief, tea, and reference in hand. I briskly jogged up to meet Rhonda. When Concrete asks for a light you're in luck? Nephews know respect, repeating the words that never seemed so brilliant, until spoken by someone for the very first time.

The streets have been waiting. Artisans roam from cookouts to wine tastings and the sweet humid air breathes its last breath of summer. Cosmic and Cookout, Old E and Highlife, the combination's one finds when given a proper appetite.

The ups and downs are as simply put as a hand out the window of a car. Sometimes we resist the breeze and endure a cool force. Up, down, the wind does not change.
Only the angle one choices to approach.

You know...

Homer Banks- I Know You Know I Know

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Truth is no match for a Texas layover but J Sikes made sure to serve more than peanuts and pretzels. Watch out industry!

Retinal scanners, fingerprints, and lines as far as the eye could see, is it worth is? Truth provides the documentation and delicious caffeinated beverages to back it. Oh, excessive security measures, how I missed thee.

The smell of sulfur and lava was still stuck to my skin as I took my seat in an economically classed seat. Continental now employs storytellers, as well as comical servers, and part-time models; altogether it made for a delightful flight.

The physical parchments of this journey are bound in a leather gift from a good friend, Charles Cressy. I now opened it for its second installment. There was a picture of a lazy brunch in an Antiguan courtyard; a lifetime ago. A message from Sara, with a lucky piece of Earth; when would Truth express his thrill? An improvised piece by Patricko's alter ego moistened my brow and brought a tear to my smiling cheek.

How can I bring ODD to the rest of the world?
The rest of the world is waiting,
and friends deserve eachother;
if you've a better place,
I've a bit more time.

Allen Toussaint- Southern Nights
-Pecayo: the final ascent
Aravac and Truth plummet down Pecayo's pumice mountain.

"Necesito stick! Necesito stick!" the children yelled.
A small girl gave Aravac a walking stick as a gift and we set out. Horseback taxis made the path a treacherous obstacle course of manure and rock. A tiresome trek until the break in the tree line.

The separation of green forest and black volcanic ash signified the immediate changes in climate and landscape. The Earth smelled of Nitrogen and Sulfur. We continued and the rocks grew more and more jagged. Every language was spoken, every country accounted for; a frying pan held scrambled eggs, people passed marshmallows for roasting and we brought something to share with the spirit of the volcano as well.

A dog slept on the warm rocks. If the spirit was calm and the lava was actively flowing underneath, we assumed all was safe. The thin shell of rock cracked under each footstep and the heat became unbearable.

I, who once resented cigars, handed one to Aravac and he withstood the heat long enough to light it against the scalding lava. The sun set on the three volcanoes in the distance and we sat watching it feeling as though we'd never come closer to the edge of the world.

Night fell and we made our way back in the dark...

Ray Charles - Ring of Fire

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Truth was purged and the President was on his way.

The tea cooperative has many superstitions. I had overlooked one when choosing a red shirt; apparently the color of revenge. As the armed forces began patrolling the premise, Aravac and I stood, as the subject of much media attention.

We passed the security check point and began the patient wait with some nonchalant networking. Helicopters passed overhead. Don Luis' marimba band, 'Mis Primeras Teclas', played Coban, the song of the city, while others noshed cookies and tea.

The President of Guatemala, Álvaro Colom Caballeros, was lead by a procession of military muscle. He stepped into the auditorium, dressed more casually than ourselves, wearing glasses, and walked straight up to us, shaking our hands. Aravac snapped a quick photo as he asked us where we were from. We had gotten more face time than anyone else at the event.

The government provided a delicious lunch of plantains and Chuchitos. It was time to celebrate. We four headed to the Equinoccio, Coban's finest bar, and enjoyed espresso martinis over an Independent Mexican film, La ley de Herodes.

The political circles seem always to repeat...

Ripple- I Don't Know What It Is But It Sho' Is Funky

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lenny, I hardly knew ye. Truth and Aravac pay a visit to their neighbor heading west.

A garden of Eden, a tribute to love, a year to grow fonder, and a reason for our ultimate return.
When Aravac and Truth arrived, a Tuk-Tuk carried them over the bridge and into a simpler life. Simple and slow.

Tomalitos and fermented pineapple juice gave us heavy hearts and stomach. Aravac steered us on the bumpy ride through town. A slow life on a fast motorbike, this is how we'd eventually make our way westward, some day.

"Whiskey," we all said in unison for our last photograph. Wendy held the bikes as we boarded the last bus. A last goodbye, we never could have, for we barely had time to exchange our bags. Tea for Lord Jim, but without ostentation.

Sad to see ya go,
back home...

Bobby Angelle- I Wanna Go Back Home

Sunday, July 26, 2009

-Rios Negro & La Pasion
Truth and Aravac sail rivers North & South; Chixoy to Sayaxche, ghost town to port town.

The eerie Negro showed nearly no signs of life. A band of white limestone marked the 30 foot drop in the water level but the bottom of this river would never be touched by human hand. Hopping over jagged rocks to slip into the cool, calm, consistency.

A riverboat near a mile high dam saw my bobbing head and came over and offered to take us up river. A lone goat was the most that any of the steep mountainsides could home. Water fell from cracks in the stone and each of the natural trellises fed into its black depths.

We arrived at clay huts beyond all expectations of life.

"That green pasture would be a great place for a longsword battle." Yes, there had been a battle. Now there was sobering peace. Only the river and memories. The clouds were painted a perfect pattern to contrast the stark chiseled landscape. The tiniest sprinkles of watery beads bounced along as my hand stretched to catch them.

The sun was warm and water was kind. I exchanged strange sounds with children of an unchanged language. The boat landed near the dam and we felt the weight being held behind its walls. Three families formed a chain, with the one motored boat, pulling the wooden hulls.

Sayaxche is a much different story. The ferry took cars across 10 times a day, but we found a man heading upstream. A relentless storm came and poured all its might. We were contained by our emotionless captain His face did not change. He simply slid through the channels, maneuvering mangrove, and beached us inside a lagoon.

An old city had experienced an earthquake long ago and was split in two halves. We threaded the split like a soggy back alley and the jungle roared. Monkeys showed their resentment. This was their home.

Rick was pleased.

Jungle still exists where the moss of the forest can make pillows on ancient stones.
The sun set and Truth was left to the insects. The buses had run, the storm had come, and our luck to hitch a ride in the bed of a pickup truck was tested by the relentless cold of mountain rain and wind.

Finally did we feel the wear of the open road?
We would soon find out.
Salama at Sunrise...

Wilson Pickett- Get Me Back On Time

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

-San Juan Chamelco
Pluto was aligned in Sir Truth's favor on this bright and colorful day.

As Guillermo, Aravac, and Truth began their uphill journey, bicycles roaring up a stony dirt road, the first obstacle was a flat suffered on a downhill careen. A boy at the taller de bicicletas, patched the tire and tightened the brakes, then charged us less than 3 quarters.
Once again we ripped along; each hill bigger than the one before it.

Men with machetes took pride in the land.

We made it to Rey Marcos cavern before realizing that the man we sought, Don Heronemo, was not there. We knew not what to expect, but our senses quickly heightened as we entered the heavily guarded gate leading to his place.

The frequency of the Earth is said to vibrate at different rates throughout the world. Tree ferns and narrow rivers must exhibit some of the lowest frequencies and stepping from the bridge to soft magical soil.

A family of hummingbirds hovered around and waited with us for the caretaker. The snow white beard of a wise man appeared and he introduced himself as Bob. He made delicious coffee and in the most pleasant way, discussed all things relevant and otherwise.

Wholesome mellow energy is in affect.

"If you have wishes, this is the place," Heronemo said of the Chicoy Caves four kilometers north of Perulha. A spiritual ceremony never ensued, but the talk of such things was generating a deep appreciation for the circumstances of our combined being.

Hope you like the song,

Don Bob...

Joe Bataan- Magic Rose

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Doña Martita makes the call and a door is opened to the finest speakeasy in town.

Truth and Aravac were only looking for a simple meal; what they found, was so much more. Panini's! The two, never averse to new, were lead through a door, down stairs, and revealed, to Angel's immaculate bar 'Equinoccio'.

The food is as perfect as Angel's English. We ate whilst he explained the new business. "You know guys, Guatemalans need a standard, people need a healthy alternative."

Angel's excitement grew and grew with each story he told us. His knowledge of the land was unique and his stories gave perspective, that others weren't willing to take. Politics, film, photography, carrot juice, and we didn't even have anything from the bar. That would be for next time; there will certainly be a next time.

"Coban isn't ready for a place like that," said Aravac.
"No, it certainly is not..."

The Expressions- These Moments

Sunday, July 19, 2009

-Huatulco, Tapachula, Solola, Panajachel
Sir Truth is gone, real gone; beyond the sounds of Superior and Inferior, where cliffs hang, holding salty bathwater, and treading with the sea captains of tiny wooden vessels. Gone but not forgotten.

The reemergence of his character, comes after a long spell of fun, and a lack of electricity.
As the Chapin women have diverted much of my defecited attention, the clouds and volcanic smoke mark the coming of another perfect night. Joined by kindred McSip,
the two set out on the bow of the Jucaña, bound for Santiago.

As we slipped in, like algae to the crystal lagunas, a perfect place for laundry, the boys of the beach spoke Poqomam and Nahautl between jousts of Sir Truth's Spanish. A flip silenced them and a game was made after diving from the starboard end of a 60 ft. catamaran.

A place for bathing, a place for futbol, and more Moza and Gallo and test our tolerance. Through the reeds and the soft placid water, we both floated along like pieces of paper, the locals so carelessly toss. Laundry cost us more than our room and board. Our bargaining tactics were unbeatable, so we chose the traje to suit us best, and now blended in better than the pale geckos of the night.

We were joined by local folk musicians, Pattie and Jack, as the four of us, demonstrated our dance. "Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged!"

If only these people can sustain their world,
the tourists need them and they need the tourists.
A poor dependant house of cards; a crystalline body of water, settled in jungle, surrounded by mountains, and flourishing with life, nearly more life than a world can support.

These are the Mayan children.
Los hijos del Sol
what a life

...until Coban

Mandrill- Children of the Sun

Friday, July 10, 2009

What is the difference between everything and nothing?
A study of the universe leads Sir Truth to his next dramatic conclusion:
"Everything is the question for which nothing is the answer."

24 hours from Santa Clara and the mountains did not stop. Past San Cristobal, Chiapas, and an infinite desert, the bright lights of Oaxaca shown. We were truly huddled masses when we arrived.

Truth was vigilent in staying conscious for the experience, but as we collapsed on the steps of Santa Domingo, our hopes were clouded with doubt. Mezcal was our morning medecine and as we approached the absolute strangers in the street asking about gringo girls, (my sister and Em), we found that causing a scene would be the only way to attract their attention.

We gazed upon a massive stadium at the peak of the overlooking mountain and the pace of our new home began to pick up. Oaxaca is quite the oasis. We found the gringo girls and they fed and bathed us to the point of composure.

The scene was thick. Our pace grew slower and slower as each Mezcal stand offered up the tastiest samples. Fruti Crem employed all the local beauties. Truth was invited in many directions by smells and art scattered in every crevace of the old cobbled streets.

Graduates from the local law school celebrated in front of their. They greeted us with a keg splashing cups and singing songs of misunderstanding. Sir Truth illustrated a bit of dirty American flavor offering a keg stand display. This was not nearly as exciting as the ´toques´that we experienced next.

A man with an electrical box around his neck joined our circle, and each of us set our cups down, to join hands. The excitement was growing. We were about to be electricuted.

"Mas, mas, mas!" we yelled, egging the electrical vendor on.
He increased the voltage. We laughed hysterically. My wrists felt most of the shock.
Electric shock therapy really works.

The teachers found my keg stand a little too rowdy, as they dragged what was now, the forth keg away.

We were advised. Good advice is not so hard to come by in Mexico.
Sir Truth goes to Puerto Escondido next.

see you space caballero...

Sam Cooke- Having a Party

Saturday, July 4, 2009

-4th of July Party
(Not exactly ODD, but the crew could dig it)
Sir Truth now has friends all over the world. Big up to the Gaston Lake crew, Fellows, and the heart burn that doesn´t come from too much booze. Know that Truth will always manage to keep the heart satisfied.

This particular occasion marks the celebration of our independence. ¨Only America the beautiful would send it´s brightest youth abroad.¨

Even in Guatemala, the American expressions of freedom could be heard. DJ spin another, those with talent show it, dancers dance, and let the breakers break. Ain´t no party like a volunteer party ´cause everybody gives it their all.

Truth is, I always knew how to dance, but there´s nothing like a little possum in order to get the indigenous to explain the art of Meringue.

Corn on the cob, Gallo, Cabro, Moza, and ´tater salad. Independence never felt so good, especially in the visceral 3rd world, where everything is pragmatically real.
Enjoy this one, not for me, but for freedom.

Ray Charles- America the Beautiful

Friday, July 3, 2009

-Santa Lucia
Sir Truth is not a missionary, but he is on a mission.

As the volunteers struggled to understand the meaning of ´that dude´, (Sir Truth), I set my ears on the campaigns of Save the Children, Pura Vida, and Lenny, my newest friend.

Lenny and I decided that motivating the 3rd world could be as simple as plugging them into some of the technology with which I find myself so enthralled. Would not a documentary film festival empower any native of any origin to share their story? We undoubtedly thought yes.

Pura Vida, a Costa Rican term, is spreading in more ways than one. With the growing trends of plastic, Styrofoam, and other indispensable wastes that have found their way into poor hands, the problem of what to do with it all seemed not to have an answer. Houses, benches, bathrooms, etc... are now the positive outcome that is thought to solve all disposable waste. It is true. People here are beginning to collect all their plastic bags in plastic bottles, which are then used for construction.

Truth be no colt follower; but the noble pursuit of happiness brings about a need for organized help. That is why I have decided, after Israel, your friend will enlist. His energy, ideas, and attitude, is exactly what the developing world needs. Besides, Durham will keep the embers as long as I stay away.

Too much gringo makes Truth a poor Spanish speaker.
Tomorrow Lake Atitlan bound for Oaxaca.
Truth will join kin there.

Blinky- Never Give You Up

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

-San Juan Sacatepequez
Rafino Aravac and Sir Truth set out after a breakfast at the Black Cat and hopped the autobus in search of the world class Kenyans. The park in San Juan is well decorated for the holiday but it is unclear as to what is being celebrated. Sir Truth believes it is simply life.

This episode marks the search for Don Demasco!

Every villager was questioned as to Don´s whereabouts and finally we found the good sir at his alternate adress. The Kenyans were nowhere to be seen. We were introduced to an exquisite family and fed a most amazing stew with pork, butternut squash, chiles, chayote, and much more.

My first Guatemalan friend was the son of Don Demasco, a boy of 18, named Oscar. We all called him Chino because his constant smile gave his eyes an asian affect. He immediately convinced me to come swimming in the local pool, visit an internet cafe, and meet his breakdancing friends in the park; I obliged.

As we rode he played the song ´Too Late to Apologize´which pleased him very much.
His breakdancing friends were actually just young acrobats flipping, standing on their hands, and jumping all over the park.

When we returned to the compound of the Demascus family, I found the Kenyans that we had originally set out to find. They were eating and enjoying conversation with the family. I soon found that they were, not only world class runners, but world class people as well.

I gave Chino and the Kenyans the adress of this site as well as my Oaxacan sister, as the Kenyans were about to travel to Mexico City, and Chino seemed genuinely interested to know her.

Night in San Juan is very dangerous and masked men of malice are known to run things. The Don took us to another compound that was nothing short of a summer camp. Unfortunately there were no kids at the camp, but we had our choice of bunks to sleep in. As the Kenyans, Aravac, and I prepared to meet the sandman, there was no question, we would have great dreams; the day itself had prepared us.

Friends around the world, here is the second call!
Share your story, and remind us why we miss you.
You shall see soon enough.

Don Covay- Come See About Me

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The phrase, "ballin´on a budget" comes to mind.
Sir Truth´s stomach is as it always has been, bottomless and impervious to bacteria.

The cobblestone streets are flooded with everything. As the ascent from the Capitol began the misty blanket surrounding the volcanic face of the mountain was strangely comforting.

"It wants to rain" the people say, and I have no problems with that.

In order to outwit the many hazards of water, Sir Truth, uncharacteristically managed not to cut himself shaving. He also refrained the daily shower, splashes of water to the face, biting his cuticles, and worst of all accepted no ice cubes in his drink. Actually, he only drank beer; and was it cheap.

Rafino Aravac, trusty friend and tour guide, had already had a year to settle, but the energy of Sir Truth´s arrival was more than could be expected; he is far from a tourist.

The only trouble with the mountains of Guatemala may be the difficulty of taking them all in at once. Mountains always seem to block the view of other mountains, but luckily, Aravac had reserved the finest hostell in all of Antigua.

El gato negro (The Black Cat), beholds the grandest view of Mayan Mountains in all of Antigua. Aravac knew this and reserved a room almost on roof level. There we boarded up with spunky mates, Jemma and Leanne, two Brits that had made there way from the American west and were almost as thrilled as ourselves to be here.

Rafino dozed into ciesta as the sweet accents faded and my gaze once again returned to the volcanic halo atop the beautiful mountain.

James Brown- Out of the Blue

Monday, June 29, 2009

-Pool Side
A sound set to the tempo of firefly's.
Has Sir Truth found another way to warm the heart?
A student of observation, Sir Truth's life, is a constant exchange of experimental interaction.

Doubters of life question, What have I got control of?
"Fear not," I say. For the answer lies in you.

The answer, I am pleased to say, is as clear as your reflection. A reservoir of emotions has sprung its leak. Bursts of excitement and angst spill into the expressions of your narrator's face. New or old, near or far, nicotine or caffeine, the choices seem vastly limited, but Truth is,

"Life is like an RPG. The second time you play, it's never as fun."

Let's start all over again.

Tyrone Davis- Can I Change My Mind

Saturday, June 27, 2009

-Maple Wood
Last night Sir Truth defied all standards of modern performance.
Every word, every glance, and every gesture was a vicarious statement of Sir Truth in his most entertaining splendor.

Messages would be written in Sharpie, sweated away, and written again, just in hopes of recreating such a fantastic display of events and sounds.

Sponsored by Durty and the general ODD backing, things screeched to a start with the electric banjo killer. From Bull City Headquarters to the corner of Burch and Maple,
this finely tuned bicycle road on the loudest and craziest drum n bass/ banjo rhythms the ears of Sir Truth has ever beheld.

Between he, the surprise of a secret SuperVisions set, and the DPD, a good time was had by all.

Let the embers of yesterday persist until my return.
We will file last night away with all the other priceless ODD moments in our life.

Now it is little more than a dream,
but damn they felt it!

Mar-Keys- Last Night

Friday, June 26, 2009

-The Mid-grade Lifestyle
Sir Truth has dedicated his life to the profession of odd jobs. In many ways it is this profession that has allowed him to meet some of the interesting and amazing people in his life.

Odd jobs aren't always the best, but they allow one to create their own schedule, spontaneously and routine free.

Thus, the difficulty with odd jobs is: some plans tend to blend, others tend to disappear, and some become postponed. This is his gift and his curse.

Please don't feel trumped when another job takes precedent. Sometimes a man's got to do what a man's got to do. If I have made a mistake accept this apology, and know that in the long run, the Truth will set you free.

"If it's meant to be, it will be,"

but, if not, 'you can't blame me'...

Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr- You Can't Blame Me

Thursday, June 25, 2009

-Bright Leaf
To Sir Truth, the statement, 'All You Can Eat' is like a question of integrity. If you are like I, then we both share a certain, perpetually quenched, thirst for life. Sometimes satisfied with Portuguese soullabies or promenade strolls on cobblestone,
the boat arrived with an ocean canopy market.

Beer and Sushi are a satisfying combination.

The question, is not how much one can eat, but how much one can enjoy it.
There is no one more apt at enjoying life than Sir Truth; he has learned from the best. If such people do exist to surpass him, Truth will be the one to find them, and he will never tire or slow in his search. Even if it means intercontinental lengths.

See you in another time zone
space cowboy...

I love my home,
just need a change.

JJ Barnes- I Need a Change
-Turtle Hole
The crescent moon reflecting in ripples on a splish-splashing Eno River harmony surged the skinny dippers' blood.

Sir Truth is slick on a slippery rock but his duty to midnight's cool bath prompted his ceremonial lead. Chanting is common and primal but the essence of the water was captured by each clap and filled in with bouts of childish laughter.

When given the Dirty twist, camp always seems to impress an intimacy like no other. Gather round the flagpole, the farmhouse, or the fields, but watch out when trying to laugh and swim at the same time.

This one won't do either but it'll getchya tappin'.

King Curtis- Camp Meetin' (Harmonica Twist)

Monday, June 22, 2009

We were surrounded by modern marvels of dance. Expressionless bodies moving in separate togetherness. Some were attached, some were in lines, some were disguised behind mirrors, and some were hidden but it was everywhere.

Sir Truth was even bombarded in his sanctuary, the bathroom, where an unsuspecting dancer used each stall as a prop with which to produce rhythm.

Modern dance seems to have no regard for real rhythm. The recurrence of gyration and revolution are far from Sir Truth's understanding of dance but this ADF inspired event has had a profound effect on your faithful concierge.

Snowflakes scattered in spheres on stage mixed by the feet of the troop of Shen Wei.
The costumes and colors and figures entwined for a vision of Asia inspiring Sir Truth's first hand inspection.

Where this story ends, another begins, and as the sidewalk ends and we follow our friend to the Japanese countryside, I bring you another soul brother from the
'Oh So Infamous' ODD crew

Bobby Byrd- I Know You Got Soul

"Wallbanger, are you out there?"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

-Nearly New
In preparation for leaving the country Sir Truth has changed his image. I hope you will recognize him after his difficult transformation.

Why does your faithful Sir embark on such a journey? He has so many friends, fellows, and comrades, "True". Though it is hard to realize that a man of True stature does not come by his reputation falsely.

"The Style is Defiant!"

He doesn't just talk the talk, and from the outside looking in, one would assume him a self made success. This, my friends, is very hard to do. Sometimes distance makes the heart grow fonder, friends gotta gain space, in order to gather the oysters that life has to offer.

"The time has come", Sir Truth has said.
To talk of finer things, of trips, and snacks, and thrifty shops, of cabbages and kings.

Brother don't need no help, but don't playa hate on the hairdo, it's just a cover.

Lee Dorsey- Who's Gonna Help A Brother Get Further
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