Saturday, October 31, 2009

Celebrating the Prince of Darkness and the 23rd year of Truth.

I was a lunch-lady serving up sweets. The block was a bustle with ghouls and ghosts. Some were in costume and some were not. Kids from the 'hood' came by car

The scene was set to the sounds of heavily distorted guitar and a smoke machine filled the air with uncertainty. The engine block overheated on a passing van and they too conveyed a fearful cloud of smoke. Swarms, drones, hoards all came and went; some made multiple attempts at the treats but I never forget a Frankenstein.

Once the young had been put away, the elders commenced and continued to play. A piñata was fashioned in the Devils likeness and hung up by the horns to be bashed. A fire was lit to the eyes of the enormous target as people attempted to knock it down. They took turns swinging swords; blindfolded and intoxicated. I retrieved the airplane bottles of liquor they knocked loose.

Nearby two baboons attempted an ice luge shot without realizing they were pouring the precious Jägermeister down the wrong slot. I, as the lunch-lady, took the liberty of crashing every event I was made aware of and poured a little sizzurp out for the homies I didn't get a chance to see.

Well wishes homies,
and Shouts to Saudi Soulsters,

Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude

Saturday, October 24, 2009

-The Marvell
Truth books the headline performance of a lifetime; with but one attendee: the phantom of the forgotten event center.

The fliers bore our name and the room echoed our energy.
Not phased by the pressure of our own awareness, the fact that we were alone, or the the dank and daunting task of an empty smokey dive.

We were the tree falling in the forest with no ear to witness.

Yes, we made a sound.

Whatever has distracted you from your paradise must be special, my sights are set on your distant Madagascan coast. *Welcome Antananarivo!*
Any soulful solicitations?

Irma Thomas - We Won't Be In Your Way Anymore

Thursday, October 22, 2009

To the Kingdom

The pitter patter of the autumn rain makes for good naps on the couch, but the CozmikGangsta yearns again for summer siestas in the park.

The crisp fall has turned the palace where he spends most of his time into a multicolor wonderland of reds, browns and yellows as the Grand Canal extends off into the misty distance.

The skivies are washed and the backpack loaded, as the Gangsta prepares to take the underwater train to London for some business, but mostly pleasure.

Pints, pubs and picture taking are all on the agenda as CozmikGangsta looks forward to spending time with his family and friends that rule from across the Channel.

King Hannibal - I Got That Will

Monday, October 19, 2009

-Valley Springs
Truth and his crew in a cool fall forest; aimed at the chains, discs sailing freely, into the basket, the ching of perfect alignment.

Skipping was a game then and nature was an excuse.
Knowledge philosophized this way as the innuendo of life, love, and the shot for all glory were captured by the essence of each hole ahead. To think Rafino is still playing in the tea fields; a place where discs are thrown, never to be found again...

A hole in one to your eardrum!

James Brown - People Get Up And Drive Your Funky Soul

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Out with the old

On a slow Saturday mornin' the sunlight sheds it's rays across heavy eyelids, a reminder to come back into this reality. New people from all walks of life can be found here, and only in a day's time I'm sure to be embedded in the midst of them.

A fellow tea master will now find his life and place in that world rafino left so long ago. If he must leave us, he will do so with the memory of a night of glory. So a throwdown ensues, gathering friend and foe alike, for a one night masquerade. As rafino dawns the light saber, he can only hope that the years of training have prepared him for this.

May the force be with you all...

Friday, October 16, 2009

-The Crib
New developments in the ODD infrastructure: Withholding the test of time.

We have been scattered across the globe for some time now. A number of us managed to find our way back to the place that we know; but for what? Have none of us found the utopia for which we set out to discover?

Ironically, I find no greater security than the dangerous Durham streets, but why? I am losing my sentiments in return for more sentiments as my window of attachment shrinks and my consciousness expands ever daily.

Who of us can proclaim a perfect land?
I will not hesitate to go...

Mandrill - House Of Wood

Think tank engaged

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Into The Fray

From across the pond streaks the CozmikGangsta, jumping into the stream of conciousness perpetuated by his peers. The weather maybe turning colder, but the arrival of LaSweat in the early morning hours of tomorrow is sure to heat things up. With his guitar in tow, the Gangsta may dust off the ol' motion picture camera and try to muster a little magic.

The bike life has been good for the Cozmik One he ponders returning to the old world for more. While the land of cheese and wine is fruitful, he's excited for the grit and grime only a place like the Durty can offer. The artistic community and collaboration he longs for exists in the neighborhoods and local spots which remain unseen to the casual passerby.

With whispers of Central America on the wind, the CozmikGangsta ponders his next move, but is certain that he wants nothing more than to log some down time AND be productive in his portal with those he knows and trusts.

Johnnie Taylor - Rome (Wasn't Built In A Day)

Monday, October 5, 2009

-Smith Level Road
A suggestion of partnerships has been brought to the basement table.

This forum of sound and inspiration stands has only begun to show its strength. First a conquest of cyberspace, then onto a surface that no man can safely own, property.
It gets no more real than the real estate game. Bids, outbids, tax leans, and loans. Blackford and son are just what the clerk appointed attorney ordered.

Our old residence is making moves on our territory but they know not how deep we roll.
On the steps of the county courthouse, I will attend the auction to decide how soon ODDcrew will have its official headquarters.

On another note, the whispers have bridged the Atlantic divide.
CozmikGangsta has arrived; and more will follow in his footsteps.
The resurgence of life has prompted a special auditory compliment...

ODDcrew through the looking glass

The Hollies - Reflections Of A Time Long Past

Sunday, October 4, 2009

-Phoenix 10
The warm Autumn sun was shining brightly, but Sir Truth knew, there was a chance of meatballs.

Watching the wheels go round. The duo rolled North past the faithful Biscuitville packin' candy and flannel in preparation for a cold theater experience. Yesterday the duo hit Main St. to hear Weezer covers and girls dressed in Bavarian Beer get ups.

Certain things are far better on the big screen. Although there has been a severe decline in the quality of animated films since the buyout of Pixar the sheer visual spectacle is always achieved on a big screen. Soon, ODDcrew hopes to incorporate the technology of a 360` dome projector, for a truly surrounding and captivating experience.

These days one can walk around and find talent exploding from every orifice.
It is very hard to stand out in this age.
I'll just go to a simpler time.

The Majestic Arrows - Going To Make A Time Machine
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