Saturday, April 17, 2010

the sun has set on a ghost of truth

Truth, Blazing a trail without the tears to the Emerald Forest where the Green-Rushers go.

Follow the crumbs on the path that I forged for the taste of frontier and a life in the moment. "We can never tell what lies ahead," but a destiny shimmers like a light at the end of a tunnel.

Did I follow the light? I awoke in the room where the patients pass on. The blinds had been closed and the clock had no time. Drips through the needles of sedative flowed with a strap just as tight as my hastened down gurney. My will being pulled down through slow intravenous. My only support was a blue Velcro sling.

Worried? No. Uncertain... Yes.

I tore off quicker than a band-aid but absorbed sun and fresh air for health and endorphins. My life has gone west. I am gone and I left you with something. My exit was well timed considering I am new and alive, my book has been closed, and the mystery of my legacy will linger like sweet fresh tobacco in the humid downtown air.

Home sweet home & I can't keep away

Appointments - Keep Away

Signing off 'til the leaves change color.
Sweet memories
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