Monday, August 31, 2009

-Web Hustle
Luck be a lad named Truth tonight.

The reports are in and it seems that these posts, if invested properly, will pay for the new clean air tax; breathe lightly. A careful investigation of the world's most influential blogs has taught me a valuable lesson: everyone has their niche.

Webster had his walk, Xu Jinglei had her kittens, and I now carry my torch into the depths of the human soul.

With Algernon, back in the Queen City, it was now up to me to reach the people.
Soul searching is a funny thing; who out there would think such words, characters, or insight would translate across the plane of human existence?

I myself am skeptical; but when words have no meaning,
music will just have to do.

The Dells - Does Anybody Know I'm Here!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

- Eleanor on Riggsbee
The way an ODD block party was meant to be held: local beer, local food, and local music; all in the street.

The youth skated past to the sounds of Selector BC's funky vinyl. Mike P's trombone and fixed gear completed the panorama of Durham behind us. The sun setting behind the glass skyscraper was something out of rock dream.

Durham Central Park was on the horizon; I imagined how beautiful it would be.

Cask ale and curiosity flooded the streets with our sound and babies began to dance.
Even the D.P.D was seen tapping their toes to the rhythm.

ODDcrew's recent success needs a calling card but Sir Truth hesitates.

Why you ask? Even great success meets adversity.

The youth hung around in shadows until the crowds had dispersed and hoped to help in polishing the casks. We brought our celebration up and to the roof. There were gardens and grandeur, but as Sir Truth found a comfortable seat and conversation, he also found one of his mother's co-workers.

She promptly demanded our exit and no words would sway her.

"You're very charming, but don't sweet talk me!" she said, sternly.

Maybe next year..

Marvin Holmes & the Uptights - Sweet Talk

Friday, August 28, 2009

-Anderson Ave
Echoes colliding in split level space; a parade, with La sweat, as the conductor.

My head ached for earplugs. Skulls were melting but no neighbors complained. We felt no feedback and struggled to interpret the meaning of our endeavors.

'Lakewood is New Durham'

One more chance before hitting Riggsbee's street corner and engaging the public.
I'll be there to document. Who knows where we'll be tomorrow?

Archie Walker - A Change Is Near

Thursday, August 27, 2009

-BK Whopper
Truth set out with many errands in mind, but cycling and water aerobics are quickly canceled by one BK buy one get one free coupon.

It is my guiltiest pleasure. It is a meal that guarantees a lazy sleep coma. Yet, even knowing its affects, when my change purse jingles I know it is BK that satisfies me.

For dessert, the Carolina Chocolate Drops played in the Historic Tobacco District, and Tyler's tap served the finest PBR.

These Durham habits are hard to break...

The Webs - So Hard To Break A Habit

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chunky Rice and a Biscuit when the funky dice get rolled on a Truth appearance.

Two blocks of Trinity held two worlds of chill. The strange sound that left my mouth for the entrance of a bewildered birthday girl was frightful. The barefoot of Summer was dark from the dirty glass speckled streets.

'Our collaboration was the all seeing eye sitting on a symmetrical triangle.'

This night had taken all the college kids, and left me.
It left me for someone new.
Shadows followed me and owls perched
with bad omens.

Are we in the same boat?

Bobby Blue Bland - Rockin' In The Same Boat

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

-Tumble Bus vs Bookmobile
Truth's announcement of a music video hosted in Durham has local vendors and actors jumping at the chance to make their appearance.

The date has been set for mid/late December and already young talent is coming out in support. Difficult decisions lay ahead in choosing the perfect locations to represent the ODD essence. We, ODDcrew, invite all ideas and suggestions as to how we can represent, tastefully, the land and life that we love.

Connections have been established with the Durham County Public Library and the original TUMBLEBUS. Both offer incredible possibility as we at ODDcrew create the storyboard for our first combined effort.

The Library originally struck us as the perfect place to throw a loud party and, of course, the Bookmobile has been a staple of on-the-go reading since '96. On the other hand, TUMBLEBUS is a gym on wheels filled with fun equipment.

This is all very exciting but the difficult part will be offering the proposal to these respected businesses and allowing them to see the positive publicity that it will generate.

Do you treat all your aspiring artists this way?
You'll be hearing from us,
any day now...

Chuck Jackson - Any Day Now

Saturday, August 22, 2009

-Yoh Football Center
Sir Truth finds long lost DJ Mundizzle and musters up a hot plate with all the fixings.

Mundizzle is a beacon of positivity. When his words echoed across Wallace Wade Stadium a happiness within me awoke. We exchanged laughs and fond memories in Durham's dusky drizzle. Finally it was determined that carrot cake and collard greens on Knox was the next logical step.

The family received Mundizzle with great excitement absorbing him in deep discussions.

Old friend, I hope to see you again,
on a Saturday night.

Eddie Floyd - On A Saturday Night

Thursday, August 20, 2009

-The Armory
Durham, Be Easy, Sir Truth will always support you in any endeavor.

Late August marks the storm season in NC, but rain or shine, the talent will precipitate Durham's Hip Hop/ Jazz/ Funk movement.

A long day of squeezing key limes hasn't made me bitter.
Although the recent disappearance of a local group from has risen some suspicion in the community, mentions and murmurs of the mysterious LiLa group are growing, and some have speculated a dramatic return at the 3 Boys & Beers event on Aug 29th.

Sir Truth will remain vigilant and capture all that beats through the heart of these Durham streets.

It's not a job or a mission;
it is his sole duty, why?
it's gotta be the love...

Bobby Womack - What Is This

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

-The Dentist
Sir Truth's Piña Colada flavored, topical anesthetic, proves no match for the pain of emerging wisdom in an already infected and inflamed gum.

Dr. Z proceeded with extreme complacency while injecting me with purple. My tongue thrashed, the Eagles' "take it easy" sent disgusting waves of pain through my senses, and I was uninsured for the cost of the unbearable discomfort.

Soul be my medicine...

Ben E King - It's All Over

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

-George Watts Playground
Sir Truth takes to the jungle gym and monkey bars of his old alma mater only to find that they have been replaced.

It was a much needed break from the bustle of job search 2009; yes, it's been difficult enough to earn itself a title. Sir Truth never bore the face of failure and today, if he could help it, would not be the first to tarnish his record.

The heat was on, the humidity high, and the sun was beaming in the Piedmont plains. The Bull City is a frenzy of applicants with references, recommendations, and reasons for deserving a piece of that well known pie.

A school teaching emcee already exists, but those are just the first two skills on my list. Some say it's about who you know. I'll let you decide because if it were based on musical tastes we know who'd be the most qualified.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” said Coelho in the Alchemist.

Truth won't stop until the universe bends,
and his speakeasy juke joint hosts all of his friends,
maybe, just maybe, but until then...

Donny Hathaway - Giving Up

Monday, August 17, 2009

-Durham Bulls Athletic Park
Sir Truth in the batting cage hits producer's pitches.

Fingers crossed for foul balls, rain holds off in the grass seats, and ol' Wool-E tosses T's at the spectators, maybe someone will throw the fastest pitch and score a free Upton jersey, who knows.

For me, the choice was clear, postpone freedom and lock myself into the music. Search the soul and find the rhyme. I've got the energy if you've got the time. The inaudible sound of a dude with a kids meal crown, proud to be the king of something, somewhere.

The new plan for rediscovery was a leap into the past. A Beach Boys sort of nostalgia that we could only find in our own field of dreams. The old ball park was the place to start and we went to find some ghost or spirit for a sign.

We decided to improvise.
That lead to this,
press play,
& listen

The Rising Sun - Do What You're Doin'

Saturday, August 15, 2009

-The King's Daughters
Sir Truth sees the reflections of love in his brother's eyes.

An engagement party catered by Bojangle's; love and care are the ingredients to any soul food dish. The best man was true to form and the bride to be was beaming.

The Triangle's finest was flowing and the families fraternized like old friends. Left to his own devices, Truth engaged in the pleasant presence of his peers parents, and found that he was more prepared than usual to answer some of their difficult questions of life.

The groom sent us off, into the night, holding a bucket of ice.
Clutched fists came in to explode on impact.

"Bitches", we whispered, for what seemed like the monumental dap of our departure.

Get 'em LT

Ronnie Taylor - Without Love

Friday, August 14, 2009

Truth has found his Supervision.

A farewell show for the group of the people marked the beginning of something new.
Talk of a film was in the air. Young faces turn feverish at the thought. Simply mention the words, "Book Mobile....", and watch the reactions.

I had spread it on thin this time; the fabric of truth was being patched and hymned, and the ideas were flowing by the 40.

Generations came and went, and there I was, smilin'.

The Meters - Darling Darling Darling

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

-North Gate
Truth retraces the fond memories of middle school with a walk down Biscuitville lane.

I was looking for DJ ADDikt and his posse; floating through the sweet stands and kiosks, until finding my childhood baker, Mrs. Fields. She had been in every storefront and was now setting up shop at the Cinnamonster.

O' the unappreciated. The mall was never about the shops; it was about the people, the ones that no one noticed. The ghosts of the retail world and the spirits of the material realm.

Where once, there were grunge kids waxing curbs, now there were movie theaters and moon bounces. Rent-a-cops never had it so easy.

I'd rather the old way,

but call me crazy...

O.V. Wright - I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled, and Crazy

Friday, August 7, 2009

-Faculty Club
Like the first day of Summer, Truth makes his splash, and the ripples go on.

The family's grown in many ways. Sometimes we were together for the sake of the family unit. The philosophy of One and a systematic world were all the reality we needed back then. Now the world that surrounds us is not the nurturing place that we grew up in.

The function and the frequency with which we see and hear from one another isn't quite the same. No cellphones, skypes, texts, or letters could reach me until now, but today it all changes. I'm back on my grind, back in the street, back to the heartbeat of the O.D.D.

Sir Truth is an uncle, Rich is still a mom, McSip is now a Godmother, and a unit that once seemed unbreakable bears a much greater weight. I'm here brothers and sisters. Truth will not abandon the friendships, nor the families, that took good care of him in direst of times.

No longer living in my childhood home, I look back to the days of the early Knox St. Knuckleheads and wonder, did our parents know?

If so, now, is our chance to return the favor...

Jackie Wilson- To Be Loved
-The Cradle
Truth and Soul are one in the same.

A sold out show leaves Fellows outside but a scalper arrives and solves everything.
Hip Hop is not to be defined but an event such as this, deserves some explanation. From Kazi, to the Justus League, Big Pooh and beyond, the party kept rolling and the reciprocation grew.

A performance twenty years in the making; De La was more than ready.

"De La Soul is not dead I know because I'm De La 4 Life," were the words written on one woman's shirt. She was pulled on stage and once the roar of the crowd had begun Plug One made a participatory competition between the venue's two sides.

"This side is Hip Hop!" he yelled.

We later came face to face and we all circled round to dance, pump fists, dap each other, and place silly hats atop his head. The DJ was robotic. The scene was a typical Chapel Hill sort of weird. The set was followed by an encore, more photo opportunities, water, and an appearance from one of the Jungle Brothers.

All too exciting,
now for soul,
and sleep...

James Crawford- Strung Out
-Life & Science: the science of life
Truth and others pose as the Murphy household to unveil a natural world within a concrete jungle.

Episcopalian Church interview: With handkerchief, tea, and reference in hand. I briskly jogged up to meet Rhonda. When Concrete asks for a light you're in luck? Nephews know respect, repeating the words that never seemed so brilliant, until spoken by someone for the very first time.

The streets have been waiting. Artisans roam from cookouts to wine tastings and the sweet humid air breathes its last breath of summer. Cosmic and Cookout, Old E and Highlife, the combination's one finds when given a proper appetite.

The ups and downs are as simply put as a hand out the window of a car. Sometimes we resist the breeze and endure a cool force. Up, down, the wind does not change.
Only the angle one choices to approach.

You know...

Homer Banks- I Know You Know I Know

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Truth is no match for a Texas layover but J Sikes made sure to serve more than peanuts and pretzels. Watch out industry!

Retinal scanners, fingerprints, and lines as far as the eye could see, is it worth is? Truth provides the documentation and delicious caffeinated beverages to back it. Oh, excessive security measures, how I missed thee.

The smell of sulfur and lava was still stuck to my skin as I took my seat in an economically classed seat. Continental now employs storytellers, as well as comical servers, and part-time models; altogether it made for a delightful flight.

The physical parchments of this journey are bound in a leather gift from a good friend, Charles Cressy. I now opened it for its second installment. There was a picture of a lazy brunch in an Antiguan courtyard; a lifetime ago. A message from Sara, with a lucky piece of Earth; when would Truth express his thrill? An improvised piece by Patricko's alter ego moistened my brow and brought a tear to my smiling cheek.

How can I bring ODD to the rest of the world?
The rest of the world is waiting,
and friends deserve eachother;
if you've a better place,
I've a bit more time.

Allen Toussaint- Southern Nights
-Pecayo: the final ascent
Aravac and Truth plummet down Pecayo's pumice mountain.

"Necesito stick! Necesito stick!" the children yelled.
A small girl gave Aravac a walking stick as a gift and we set out. Horseback taxis made the path a treacherous obstacle course of manure and rock. A tiresome trek until the break in the tree line.

The separation of green forest and black volcanic ash signified the immediate changes in climate and landscape. The Earth smelled of Nitrogen and Sulfur. We continued and the rocks grew more and more jagged. Every language was spoken, every country accounted for; a frying pan held scrambled eggs, people passed marshmallows for roasting and we brought something to share with the spirit of the volcano as well.

A dog slept on the warm rocks. If the spirit was calm and the lava was actively flowing underneath, we assumed all was safe. The thin shell of rock cracked under each footstep and the heat became unbearable.

I, who once resented cigars, handed one to Aravac and he withstood the heat long enough to light it against the scalding lava. The sun set on the three volcanoes in the distance and we sat watching it feeling as though we'd never come closer to the edge of the world.

Night fell and we made our way back in the dark...

Ray Charles - Ring of Fire

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Truth was purged and the President was on his way.

The tea cooperative has many superstitions. I had overlooked one when choosing a red shirt; apparently the color of revenge. As the armed forces began patrolling the premise, Aravac and I stood, as the subject of much media attention.

We passed the security check point and began the patient wait with some nonchalant networking. Helicopters passed overhead. Don Luis' marimba band, 'Mis Primeras Teclas', played Coban, the song of the city, while others noshed cookies and tea.

The President of Guatemala, Álvaro Colom Caballeros, was lead by a procession of military muscle. He stepped into the auditorium, dressed more casually than ourselves, wearing glasses, and walked straight up to us, shaking our hands. Aravac snapped a quick photo as he asked us where we were from. We had gotten more face time than anyone else at the event.

The government provided a delicious lunch of plantains and Chuchitos. It was time to celebrate. We four headed to the Equinoccio, Coban's finest bar, and enjoyed espresso martinis over an Independent Mexican film, La ley de Herodes.

The political circles seem always to repeat...

Ripple- I Don't Know What It Is But It Sho' Is Funky
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